War of the Rebellion: Serial 040 Page 0677 Chapter XXXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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plation two expedition, starting and for the same points, and about the same time, under separate and independent commanders. I take it for granted that the entire expedition is to be under your direction, and shall order Lieutenant Hart, of Engineers, on his arrival at Staunton with his party, to report to you. But I am afraid there is some misapprehension between you, W. E. Jones, and McNeill. I earnestly recommend that you communicate with both of the officers, and act in concert; otherwise some confusion may arise, leading inevitably to failure.

If I knew exactly when you would move, I might in all probability be able to aid you at Beverly with a good regiment of infantry, but I cannot withdraw it from its present post and send it by way of Staunton to you.

You need, I think, apprehend no interruption from the enemy's troops in the Kanawha Valley. I think I shall be able to fix their attention on this side of the river.

I regret that I did not know sooner of your proposed expedition. I might then have aided you more effectually than I can now. Keep me informed of your movements, and I will give you all the aid I can.

Have you heard from General Lee in regard to the two regiments you desire since I wrote him in regard to them?

Very respectfully, &c.,




Dublin, March 19, 1863.

Brigadier General W. E. JONES,

Commanding, &c., Edenburg, Va.:

GENERAL: Lieutenant [Thomas] Dolan handed to me to-day your letter of the 16th instant. Lieutenant Hart, of the Engineers, will report at Staunton on the 23rd instant with 8 or 10 men and the necessary tools and materials; but, as at present advised, I shall direct him to report to General Imboden, who informs me that he has on foot an expedition embracing Captain McNeill's, but there seems to be some misapprehension between you and Captain McNeill and Imboden. The latter expects you to do something more than you indicate, and he does not expect to start as soon as you say McNeill will be ready to start. I advise by all means that you communicate with Imboden before the expedition starts, otherwise there may be some unfortunate confusion, causing failure.

I do not understand Imboden's position exactly. Is he under you, or does he receive orders directly from General Lee or the War Department? I will write to Imboden by Lieutenant Dolan.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,




Dublin, March 20, 1863.

Brigadier General J. D. IMBODEN,

Commanding, &c., Staunton, Va.:

GENERAL: I have ordered Lieutenant Hart, of the Engineers, to proceed with 8 men and the necessary tools and materials to Staunton,