War of the Rebellion: Serial 040 Page 0638 N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXVII.

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10-pounder ammunition; requires lead harness for 1 horse and 1 driver's saddle; 3 4-horse wagons, in good order; 64 horses in good and 12 in indifferent condition; 4 mules, in good order; 2 officers and 86 men present; 1 officer and 16 men detached; 1 officer and 17 men wounded; 12 men sick; 8 men absent without leave; camp well situated; gets plenty of corn from Essex, but no long feed, except straw.

Captain Smith's battery.-Two 10-pounder Parrotts, and has got back his two 12-pounder navy howitzers, all in good order; 3 officers and 71 men present; 1 officer absent, wounded; 15 men detached; 17 sick and 2 absent with leave; ammunition and harness good; 58 horses in fair order; 2 4-horse wagons in good condition; forge good.

Captain Watson's battery.-Two 10-pounder Parrotts and one 12-pounder navy howitzer, and turned in his navy rifle to the State, all in good order; ammunition and harness good; 2 4-horse wagons, in tolerable order; forge good; 44 serviceable horses; 4 officers and 59 men present; 16 absent, sick; 17 detached, and 1 without leave.

Captain Dance's battery.-One 3-inch rifle, one 12-pounder (brass) and one 12-pounder (iron) howitzer, all in good order; 2 4-horse wagons in tolerable condition; 37 serviceable battery horses and 10 wagons and forge horses; forge good; 4 officers and 76 men present; 16 absent, sick; 6 detached, and 2 [absent] with leave.

Captain Hupp's battery.-Two 12-pounder brass howitzers present, all in good order; ammunition and harness good; 3 4-horse wagons in tolerable condition; forge in good order; 48 serviceable battery horses; 8 horses and 8 mules to forge and wagons; 3 officers and 84 men present; 5 on detached service; 2 [absent] with and 2 without leave, and 15 sick.

Captain Brooke's battery.-One Richmond Napoleon and two 12-pounder (brass) howitzers, good; ammunition and harness good; 2 4-horse wagons in tolerable order; forge good; 47 serviceable battery horses, and 4 horses and 8 mules to forge and wagons; 3 officers and 79 men present; 13 sick; 1 absent with leave.

Colonel Brown has established hospital near camp, and provides for his sick himself. Supply of forage limited, but will be better provided in future, as he will draw 150 bushels every fifth day at Hanover Court-House. The stables of this command are thoroughly policed, and the horses well groomed, and, in consequence, seem to be improving.


First Lieutenant, and Inspector of Artillery.

HDQRS. ARTILLERY CORPS, February 20, 1863.


Honorable JAMES A. SEDDON, Secretary of War:

SIR: I have had the honor to receive your letter of the 10th instant, in regard to my action on applications for details from this army, referred to me by the War Department.

I know and feel the necessity of keeping up to the highest point of excellence and efficiency all the various work which furnish the army with material, clothing, and transportation. But there is an equal and absolute necessity for every man liable to military duty to be in the army, for, as you know, the odds against us are very great. I had hoped, therefore, that persons having Government contracts, or employed in Government agencies, would endeavor to find it workmen