War of the Rebellion: Serial 040 Page 0637 Chapter XXXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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good order; ammunition and harness good; 61 battery and 16 wagon horses; 5 of them are extra and unserviceable; but his horses generally are in fine condition; 1 ambulance, indifferent; forge, 4 4-horse wagons (baggage), 1 commissary wagon, and 1 battery wagon, all in good order; 7 officers and 107 men present; 1 officer and 21 men sick; 11 men detached; 16 [absent] without leave and 1 absent, in arrest; sends sick to corps hospital; hauls forage from Essex and Middle sex-nothing but corn. He will continue to haul his forage as at present, but the other batteries of this division will be supplied from Hanover Court-House with 150 bushels of corn every fifth day.


Captain Page's battery.-One Napoleon, one 3-inch rifle, and four 6-pounder, iron, all in good order; ammunition and harness good; 81 good and 4 condemned horses; 26 mules in good order; wagons-2 6-horse and 2 4-horse, in tolerable order; 3 officers and 139 men present; 1 officer absent with leave; 12 men detached; 11 absent without leave; 1 absent, in arrest, and 18 sick; limited supply of grain, but enough long feed; stables very good and well kept.

Captain Fry's battery.-Two 12-pounder (iron) howitzers, two (iron) 6-pounders, and one Napoleon, all in good order; ammunition and harness good; 87 good and 3 indifferent horses, and 25 mules; wagons-3 4-horse in good and 1 in bad condition; 3 officers and 122 men present; 7 men detached; 17 [absent] with and 32 without leave; police of stables good; gets a limited supply of corn from Essex, and long feed from Milford Depot and Hanover County.

Captain Bondurant's battery.-Two 3-inch rifles, one Napoleon, and one 12-pounder brass howitzer, in good order; ammunition good; harness, same as in last report, with the addition of one set of wheel and two of lead; 54 horses and 5 mules in tolerable order and improving; 2 officers and 81 men present; 1 officer and 4 men absent with leave; 4 men without leave; 5 men detached; 9 men sick; sends 60 miles for forage, and supply limited, but these batteries will in future get 150 bushels of corn every five days from Hanover Court-House.

Captain Carter's battery (on duty with its division near Grace Church).-One 10-pounder Parrott, one Napoleon, two 12-pounder (iron) howitzers, and one 6-pounder smooth-bore; ammunition and harness good; 68 good and 3 condemned horses, and 20 mules; forge, and 3 4-horse wagons, in good order; 2 officers and 133 men present; 1 officer and 6 men detached; 4 [absent] with leave and 71 deserters; corn partly from quartermaster and in part from King William, and long feed from King William, limited supply; camp well located.

Captain Hardaway's battery (on duty near Captain Carter's).-Two 3-inch rifles and one Whitworth, in good order; ammunition and harness good; 50 good and 2 indifferent horses; 7 good and 5 indifferent mules; 3 4-horse company wagons, in good order; 1 ordnance wagon for Whitworth gun needs mules for it; forge good; 2 officers and 87 men present; 2 officers on furlough; 4 men absent without leave and 8 sick; gets corn from Hamilton's Crossing and long feed from Essex County; camp well chosen.


Captain Poague's battery (on duty near Rappahannock Academy).-Two 20-pounder and two 10-pounder Parrotts, in good order; one limber chest, slightly injured by a shot at Fredericksburg; lacks 60 rounds of