War of the Rebellion: Serial 040 Page 0618 N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXVII.

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for the probable opening of the spring campaign, it is important that an adequate supply of suitable guns be furnished as soon as possible by the Ordnance Department. Nearly al the bronze short-range guns of the Second Corps were several weeks ago sent to Richmond to be recast into Napoleons. None have been sent from the First Corps, nor from the General Reserve, because Colonel Gorgas advised against it, on the ground that the Department had as much metal as it could cast for a number of weeks.

Four battery battalions might be armed with good rifles and Napoleons in nearly equal proportions, two batteries to have rifles altogether, and two Napoleons altogether. Larger battalions to have perhaps a corresponding proportion, or more Napoleons. Batteries in reserve to have heaviest metal. It is hoped that, much as a number of battery horses will probably be reduced in strength by the occasional scarcity of food incident to the difficulty of transporting it, in spite of all efforts, a sufficiency will still be at hand for the batteries proposed when the campaign opens. Some 400, sent for to Georgia in the fall by the undersigned, have, under advisement with the Quartermaster's Department in Richmond, been stopped on the border of North Carolina, for the sake of being easily foraged. Other droves the Quartermaster's Department will, it is hoped, have collected, so that such animals as are unserviceable with the batteries may be replaced by others comparatively fresh and strong.

Should the commanding general desire additional information on any point connected with the plan of reorganization proposed, the undersigned will cheerfully, as far as in his power, render it in writing, or in personal conference, on an intimation to that effect.

Respectfully submitted.


Brigadier-General and Chief of Artillery.

Proposed organization of artillery, Army of Northern Virginia.


Battalion A.

Lieutenant Colonel J. J. GARNETT.*


Grandy's battery, six guns.

Huger's battery, four guns.

Lewis' battery, four guns.

Maurin's battery, six guns.

Battalion P.


Major J. P. W. READ.+

Blount's battery, four guns.

Macon's battery, six guns.

Stribling's battery, six guns.

Thompson's battery, three guns.

Battalion M.

Colonel H. C. CABELL.


Carlton's battery, five guns.

McCarthy's battery, four guns.

Manly's battery, six guns.

Read's battery, three guns.

Battalion H.

Lieutenant Colonel DEL. KEMPER.

Major T. J. PAGE, Jr.

Bachman's battery, four guns.

Garden's battery, four guns.

Latham's battery, four guns.

Reilly's battery, six guns.


*Now in Richmond; recommended for promotion; Virginia.

+Captain in McLaws' division; recommended for promotion; Georgia.