War of the Rebellion: Serial 040 Page 0591 Chapter XXXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Brigadier General E. P. SCAMMON.

First Brigade.


23rd Ohio, Captain William H. Zimmerman.

5th West Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Abia A. Temlinson.

13th West Virginia, Colonel Wm. R. Brown.

1st West Virginia Cavalry (two companies).

3rd West Virginia Cavalry, Company G, Lieutenant John S. Witcher.

Kentucky Battery, Captain S. J. Simonds.

Second Brigade.

Colonel CARR B. WHITE.

12th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan D. Hines.

34th Ohio, Colonel John T. Toland.

91st Ohio, Colonel John A. Turley.

2nd West Virginia Cavalry (two companies), Captain E. S. Morgan.

1st Ohio Battery, Captain James r. McMullin.


2nd West Virginia Cavalry (ten companies), Colonel W. H. Powell.


First Separate Brigade.+

Brigadier General HENRY H. LOCKWOOD.

1st Maryland Eastern Shore, Colonel James Wallace.

2nd Maryland Eastern Shore (eight companies), Colonel Robert S. Rodgers.

1st Maryland Potomac Home Brigade, Colonel William P. Maulsby.

1st Delaware Cavalry (four companies), Major N. B. Knight.

Purnell (Maryland) Cavalry, Company C, Captain Theodore Clayton.

Purnell (Maryland) Cavalry, Company A, Captain robert E. Duvall.

Smith's (Maryland) Cavalry Company, Captain G. W. P. Smith.

11th New York Cavalry (three companies), Major S. Pierre Remington.

Second Separate Brigade.++

Brigadier General WILLIAM W. MORRIS.

Patapsco (Maryland) Guards, Captain Thos. S. McGowan.

5th New York Heavy Artillery (eight companies), Colonel Samuel Graham.

8th New York Heavy Artillery (ten companies), Lieutenant Colonel w. W. Bates.

3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Company H, Captain William D. Rank.

179th Pennsylvania (two companies), Captain Amos Drenkle.

2nd U. S. Artillery, Battery I, Lieutenant James E. Wilson.

Third Separate Brigade.$

Brigadier General HENRY S. BRIGGS.

3rd Delaware, Colonel Samuel H. Jenkins.

Purnell (Maryland) Legion, Major Robert G. King.

14th New Jersey, Colonel William S. Truex.

150th New York, Colonel John H. Ketcham.

151st New York,\\ Colonel Wm. Emorson.

138th pennsylvania, Major Lewis A. May.

Fourth Separate Brigade.#

Brigadier General WILLIAM W. AVERELL.

28th Ohio, Major Ernest Schache.

2nd West Virginia, Colonel G. R. Latham.

3rd West Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel Francis W. Thompson.

8th West Virginia, Colonel John H. Oley.

10th West Virginia, Colonel T. M. Harris.

16th Illinois Cavalry, Company C, Lieutenant Julius Jeahne.

3rd Independent Company Ohio Cavalry, Captain Frank Smith.

14th Pennsylvania Cavalry,** Colonel J. N. Schonmaker.

1st West Virginia Cavalry, Company A, Captain Harrson H. Hagan.

3rd West Virginia Cavalry, Company E, Captain Lot Bowen.

3rd West Virginia Cavalry, Company H, Captain William H. Flesher.

3rd West Virginia Cavalry, Company I, Lieutenant George A. Sexton.

West Virginia Battery (B), Captain John V. Keeper.

West Virginia Battery (G), Captain Chatham T. Ewing.


*Headquarters at Charleston, W. Va.; the First Brigade at Barboursville, Camp White, and Hurricane Bridge; the Second Brigade at Cannelton, Fayetteville, and Gauley Bridge; and the Second West Virginia Cavalry at Camp Piatt, Charleston, and Fayetteville.

+At Bald Eagle's Nest, Prince George County, Cambridge, Leonardtown, Point Lookout, Part Tobacco, Townfield, and Wilmington.

++At Cockeysville, Forts Federal Hill, McHenry, and Marshall, and at York, Pa.

$At Baltimore, Frederick City, Frederick City, Frederick Junction, and Relay House.

\\On detached service since April 20, under Kelly's command.

#At Beverly, Buckhannon, Bulltown, Clarksburg, Parkersburg, and Weston. Colonel A. Moor reported as commanding the infantry of this command.

**Reported as at Beverly, and of this brigade, by Averell; reported by Knely as of his brigade, and at Harper's Ferry.