War of the Rebellion: Serial 040 Page 0204 Chapter XXXVII. N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA.

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That you have in readiness, so that it may be issued and cooked at short notice, three days' rations of pork or bacon, with hard bread, coffee, and sugar, to be placed in the haversacks.

That your command have drawn before Wednesday morning, and ready for the movement, five days' fresh beef on the hoof, making complete eight days' rations to be carried with the troops.

That each officer, by the use of his servant and his haversack, provide himself with eight days' rations.

That the small ammunition to be carried will be 150 rounds-60 rounds on the person-the full complement of the pack train, and the balance to be in the train, ready to start first when the trains move.

The supply trains will be in readiness for such movement as may be ordered. Each teamster must have with him the forage for his own team.

The batteries will carry eight days' subsistence for the troops and their capacity of forage, at least six days' grain, as much as possible on the guns.

The general hospital for those unable to more will be designated by the medical director, who will give all the necessary directions in the premises.

The surplus clothing of the troops, beyond the extra shirt, pair of sock and drawers, should be stored under the supervision of the quartermaster's department.

Corps commanders will require every service man to march with the column.

By command of Major-General Hooker:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


April 13, 1863.

Major-General SLOCUM, Commanding Twelfth Corps:

A large portion of General Stoneman's cavalry force have gone in the direction of the Shenandoah Valley, and will be absent some days. Your infantry picket must be vigilant and strong, as they will have no cavalry force of any account to rely upon. Please act accordingly.


Major-General, Chief of Staff.

(Same to General Sickles, commanding Third Corps.


April 13, 1863.

The order of march to-morrow, and the operation of the Cavalry Corps will be as follows:

The squadrons of Davis' brigade will cross the North Fork of the Rappahannock at Sulphur Springs about 12 o'clock to-night, and follow down the south bank of this fork, and clear out any enemy's force met with between the point of crossing and Freeman's Ford, at which point Colonel Davis will be with the head of his brigade. As soon as Colonel Davis opens up communication with these three squadrons, he will cross with the whole of his brigade and turn Beverly Ford, where General Ovarial will with the head of his division.