War of the Rebellion: Serial 040 Page 0143 Chapter XXXVII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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portation of such goods as are thereby authorized to be taken or sent into Virginia, south of the Potomac, and between the parallels named.

It will be remembered that family supplies, in quantities such as are ordinarily required for actual family consumption, and intended for the use of those who have properly and satisfactorily established their loyalty, and authorized sutlers' goods, for lawfully and regularly appointed sutlers of regiments, and such goods and packages as are intended for the private use of officers and soldiers of the United States Army, are the only goods allowed to be transported to or into the interdicted district; and these must not be allowed to pass unless accompanied in each case by a custom-house permit, signed by a proper revenue officer or aide, and further approved in writing by one of the military officers specially appointed or detailed to examine such permits and indorse upon them the necessary authority for the parties and their goods to pass.

No goods whatever, upon any pretext, are to be allowed to go within the interdicted district unless accompanied by the permit and pass named.

The military officers appointed or detailed to indorse passes upon permits are not so to indorse them as a matter of course, but must first satisfy themselves, beyond a doubt, of the certain loyalty and good intention of the parties presenting such permits, as well as of the loyalty of those to whose use the goods covered by such permits are being conveyed; and that the parties presenting such permits are identical with those named therein, or are duly and properly authorized by those named to act for them. And it is the duty of all military officers stationed at points where there is any likelihood of goods being carried within the said district not only to see that all goods are accompanied by the required permits and passes, and to satisfy themselves of the genuineness of the same, but also, in each case, to examine every trunk, box, or other package, in order to ascertain by comparison whether its contents correspond with the inventory accompanying the permit.

And it is further required of all military officers stationed at all those points along the river from which goods are carried into Virginia, after having carefully examined the permits and passes, and after having compared the contents of trunks, boxes, and packages with the inventories, to take up and cancel such permits and passes, in order that the may not be again fraudulently used to cover other bills of goods.

No permit will be allowed to cover spirituous liquors, excepting where taken by, or sent to, medical purveyors or army surgeons for medicinal purposes, and it is enjoined upon all officers commanding posts, detachments, &c., to seize all spirituous liquors-except such as are intended for use as above specified-all articles contraband of war, and all goods of whatever description not protected by the proper permits and passes, attempted to be carried within the interdicted district.

Whenever officers stationed at points where goods are being carried into Virginia are clearly convinced that those who have obtained permits and passes for goods are not what they have represented themselves to those granting such permits and passes, but are really disloyal and seditious, and have only assumed the cloak of loyalty to impose upon the authorities, they will seize and hold the goods and parties implicated, and report as in other cases.

All persons arrested attempting in any way to violate the revenue and department regulations respecting the transportation and use of goods must be sent through the lines, after being strictly searched, or reported to the provost-marshal of the army corps, to be held to be