War of the Rebellion: Serial 040 Page 0120 N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter XXXVII.

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V. The inspection reports of the following regiments and batteries giving evidence of the necessity of strong exertions on the part of every officer and member of the command to bring them up to a proper state of discipline and efficiency, no further leaves of absence or furloughs will be granted to these commands, and all officers absent therefrom must be recalled, and their leaves revoked, viz:

Regiment.-Twelfth, Twenty-first, Twenty-third, Twenty-sixth, Thirty-fourth, Thirty-fifth, Forty-second, Fifty-ninth, Sixtieth, Seventy-eighth, Eighty-eighth, One hundred and fourth, One hundred and fifth, One hundred and seventh, and One hundred and forty-fifth New York; Twenty-ninth, Sixty-eighth, Sixty-ninth, One hundred and twenty-fourth, One hundred and twenty-fifth, One hundred and thirty-second, One hundred and thirty-sixth, and One hundred and fifty-fifth Pennsylvania, and the Twenty-seventh Indiana and Thirty-second Massachusetts Volunteers.

Batteries.-B, First New York, Pettit's; Tenth New York, Bruen's; Eleventh New York, Puttkammer's; C, First New York, Barnes'; B, First Maryland, Snow's; A, First New Jersey, Hexamer's; C, First Pennsylvania, McCarthy's; C, First Pennsylvania, Hall's; Twelfth Ohio, Johnson's; Third Pennsylvania, Hampton's; and C, First New York Battalion, Langner's.

When, in the discretion of their corps commander, after a careful inspection, any of the above commands shall show such improvements as to render it proper that the privileges of General Orders, Numbers 3, as to leaves and furloughs should be restored to them, an application to that effect, accompanied with a copy of the inspection report, may be forwarded for consideration to these headquarters.

VI. The following regiments and batteries appearing from the inspection reports to have earned high commendation from inspecting officers, it is left to the discretion of the corps commander, having regard to the efficiency of the command, to increase the leaves of absence and furloughs to these commands for the fifteen days following the receipt of this order to 3 instead of 2 enlisted men for every 100 present for duty, and 3 officers instead of 2, as provided in General Orders, Numbers 3, January 30, 1863, from headquarters Army of the Potomac, viz:

Regiments.-First, Second, and Twentieth Massachusetts; Tenth and Nineteenth Maine; Fifth and Tenth New York; Fifth New Jersey; One hundred and eleventh Pennsylvania, Third Wisconsin, and First Minnesota Volunteers.

Batteries.-Fifth Maine, Leppien's; A, First Rhode Island, Arnold's; B, First Rhode Island, Hazard's; K, Fourth United States, Seeley's; D, First New York, Osborn's; E, First Rhode Island, Randolph's; B, Fifth United States, Hazlett's; C, First Massachusetts, Martin's; A, First Massachusetts, McCartney's; Third New York, Harn's; Second New York, Blume's; K, First United States, Graham's; Fifth New York, Taft's; B, First Connecticut, Brooker's.

VII. The leaves and furloughs granted under the foregoing paragraph must state on the face thereof that they are give "in pursuance of Paragraph VI, General Orders, Numbers 18, Army of the Potomac," and have a copy of the paragraph attached thereto. The commandant of the Cavalry Corps will discontinue the leaves and furloughs authorized under General Orders, Numbers 3, to regiments of his command neglectful in discipline, efficiency, care of arms, equipments, animals, &c. It is expected that all commanding officers of corps and divisions will disapprove and refuse leaves and furloughs to those regiments or batteries which are similarly situated.