War of the Rebellion: Serial 039 Page 1109 Chapter XXXVII. SKIRMISH NEAR DUMFRIES, VA.

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MAY 14, 1863.-Skirmish at Marsteller's Place, near Warrenton Junction, Va.

Report of Major General Julius Stahel, U. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Division, Department of Washington.


May 15, 1863.

COLONEL: Colonel Gray reports 2 corporals of his picket guard missing. They are supposed to have deserted.

There was a slight skirmish in front of Warrenton Junction yesterday. Will report in full about it as soon as I get report from Colonel De Forest.

I was obliged to send out a strong force of my provost-guard last night on account of an alarm gotten up at Burke's Station, as it appears, by the telegraph operator there. My telegraph communication was entirely obstructed last night. The operator at Burke's Station seems to have been the cause of this, as the provost-marshal, upon arriving at Burke's Station last night, was unable to find the operator, he having taken his instrument and fled. Ought not measures to be taken to prevent operators from leaving their posts without any cause except a vague rumor of danger?

Colonel De Forest has just reported, in regard to the skirmish of yesterday, that a small scouting party which was sent out yesterday came across a party of rebels in the house of Mr. Marsteller, about 5 miles from Warrenton Junction. Marsteller, the owner of the house, was instantly killed, and several of the rebels wounded. We had 3 men wounded, 1 seriously, the others but slightly. Otherwise all is quiet along the front and along our lines.




Lieutenant Colonel S. H. LATHROP,

Assistant Inspector-General.

MAY 17, 1863.-Skirmish near Dumfries, Va.

Report of Major J. Claude White, Third Pennsylvania Cavalry.


Dumfries, Va., May 19, 1863.

SIR: I have the honor to report that the force I sent out under Major Pruyn yesterday, of 160 men (including the 60 from Stafford, whom I will send home this morning), scoured the country to and around Brentsville, and did not succeed in coming across the party of rebels who were here on the 17th, and who got but 3 prisoners from us instead of 4. They lost 3 horses killed, and the lieutenant reports more men wounded than we, 2 severely, by saber cuts.*



Major, Commanding Post.


Commanding Detachment Second Cav. Div., near Potomac Creek.


*Nominal list of casualties shows 2 men killed, 1 officer and 2 men wounded, and 3 men missing.