War of the Rebellion: Serial 039 Page 1055 Chapter XXXVII. THE CHANCELLORSVILLE CAMPAIGN.

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Thirty-eighth Regiment of Infantry:

Adjt. D. M. McIntire.

Lieutenant A. J. Brown.

Private Jesse Nethercut, Co. A.

Private Thomas Dinkins, Co. B.

Private Benjamin Sutton, Co. C.

First Sergt. David A. Thompson, Co. D.

Private W. J. Hutchinson,* Co. E.

Thirty-eighth Regiment of Infantry-Continued.

Private W. S. Huffman, Co. F.

Corpl. W. F. Matheson, Co. G.

Corpl. D. P. Woodburn, Co. H.

Private T. J. Ramsey, Co. I.

Private W. H. McPhaul, Co. K.

South Carolina.

First Regiment of Infantry [Provisional Army]:

Private W. H. Cooper, Co. A.

Private J. K. Hunter,* Co. B.

Private A. P. Abbott,* Co. C.

Private Jesse R. Hays,* Co. E.

Private Benjamin Barnhill,* Co. F.

Private G. W. Smith,* Co. G.

Private Albert P. Youmans, Co. H.

Private R. W. Perry, Co. I.

Private Joseph McNabb,* Co. K.

Private A. J. Samson, Co. L.

Thirteenth Regiment of Infantry:

Sergt. J. A. McCollum,* Co. D.

Private James Johnson,* Co. E.

Private John M. Rikard, Co. G.

Private T. C. Corley, Co. K.

Fourteenth Regiment of Infantry:

Sergt. J. M. Carter,* Co. A.

Private Caleb Hare,* Co. B.

Private Oliphant P. Walker,* Co. D.

Private C. Hughes, Co. E.

Sergt. Z. L. Nabers,* Co. F.

Private James White,* Co. G.

Sergt. R. J. Wade, Co. H.

Sergt. John E. Brownlee, Co. I.

Private M. C. Little,* Co. K.

Orr's Rifles:

Sergt. L. A. Wardlaw, Co. B.

Private Samuel P. Moore, Co. F.

Private J. Marion Mattison, Co. G.


Fourth Regiment of Infantry:

Captain M. Harmon,* Co. G.

Lieutenant M. G. W. Peterman, Co. E.

Captain John H. Fulton, Co. A.

Lieutenant James F. Cecil, Co. C.

Lieutenant P. Hogan, Co. H.

Lieutenant W. B. Carder, Co. D.

Adjt. William Wade.

Sergt. Harold J. Matthews, Co. A.

Sergt. Charles W. Garlick, Co. B.

Private William A. Chumbley, Co. C.

Private Edward Harrison, Co. D.

Sergt. Charles L. Gordon, Co. E.

Corpl. George W. Byrd, Co. F.

Corpl. Peter H. Marrow, Co. G.

Private Reuben D. Henderson,* Co. H.

Private Nathan A. Lackey,* Co. I.

Private George W. Pace, Co. L.

Twenty-seventh Regiment of Infantry:

Sergt. J. H. Holley, Co. E.

Private J. A. Cook, Co. F.

Private M. H. Parker,* Co. D.

Private E. W. Norgrove,* Co. H.

Twenty-seventh Regiment of Infantry-Continued.

Private Hugh King, Co. B.

Corpl. John Baker, Co. C.

Corpl. Isaac Beeson, Co. G.

Fortieth Regiment of Infantry:

Private George W. Dudley,* Co. A.

Private Robert H. Wilson, Co. B.

Private Peter M. Hall, Co. C.

Private Henry Bartlett, Co. D.

Private Hiram Purcell, Co. E.

First Sergt. Thomas Cockrell,* Co. F.

Private Joseph McCave, Co. G.

Corpl. John T. Ford,* Co. H.

Corpl. George Cornwell, Co. I.

First Sergt. John B. Garland,* Co. K.

Fifty-fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Corpl. C. R. Sheppard,* Co. A.

Sergt. William X. Smith, Co. C.

Corpl. Robert Hall, Co. E.

Sergt. Thomas B. Fogg,* Co. F.

Private Thomas Dodson, Co. K.

Private John Haydon,* Co. L.

Private George T. Newton,* Co. M.

* * * * *

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector General.


*Killed in action.