War of the Rebellion: Serial 039 Page 1053 Chapter XXXVII. THE CHANCELLORSVILLE CAMPAIGN.

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Fifth Regiment of Infantry-Cont'd.

Private N. S. Franklin, Co. G.

Private R. L. Franklin, Co. H.

Private H. J. Robertson, Co. I.

Corpl. H. F. Martin, Co. K.

Sixth Regiment of Infantry:

Private Mathew Benton, Co. A.

Sergt. J. C. Gamble, Co. B.

Private W. H. Digby, Co. C.

Private H. H. Moore, Co. D.

Sergt. E. O. Baker, Co. E.

Corpl. G. P. Jones, Co. F.

Private H. L. Jones, Co. G.

Sergt. D. Madigan, Co. H.

Private James W. Evans, Co. I.

Private H. I. Price, Co. K.

Sergt. H. W. Hale, Co. L.

Private D. W. Moorer, Co. M.

Twelfth Regiment of Infantry:

Captain H. W. Cox,* Co. B.

Private Louis Dondero, Co. A.

Twelfth Regiment of Infantry-Continued.

Private R. W. May, Co. B.

Sergt. William Lawless, Co. C.

Private J. E. Bailey, Co. D.

Private C. H. Hunter, Co. E.

Private P. W. Chappell, Co. F.

Private R. B. Mitchell, Co. G.

Private W. S. Brown, Co. H.

Private H. N. Wootan, Co. I.

Private Thomas H. Eady, Co. K.

Twenty-sixth Regiment of Infantry:

First. Lieutenant E. S. Stuckey, Co. B.

Private L. Walters, Co. A.

Private Jos. H. Bounds, Co. B.

Sergt. J. H. Lockwell, Co. C.

Private J. C. Pennington, Co. D.

Private Jos. Munsel, Co. E.

Private James H. Dowdle, Co. F.

Corpl. Jesse Parsons, Co. G.

Private D. H. Spraddle, Co. H.

Sergt. D. Butler, Co. I.

Private B. F. Smith, Co. K.


Fourth Regiment of Infantry:

Private W. Sparks,* Co. A.

Sergt. Hill M. Traylor,* Co. B.

Color Corpl. John T. Moore,* Co. C.

The other companies declined making


Fourteenth Regiment of Infantry:

Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Fielder.*

Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Fielder.*

Captain T. T. Mounger.*

Captain R. P. Harman.*

First Lieutenant H. A. Solomon.*

Private Daniel Kennington,* Co. B.

Corpl. Joseph G. Dupree, Co. D.

Second Sergt. Thomas D. Smith, Co. H.

Private James F. D. Thaxton,* Co. I.

Private James M. Brock, Co. K.

The other companies declined making selections.

Twelfth Regiment of Infantry:

First Lieutenant Thomas W. Harris, Co. C.

Second Lieutenant J. A. Walker, Co. B.

Second Lieutenant W. F. Lowe, Co. F.

Private J. L. Batts, Co. A.

Private Abel James, Co. B.

Private S. M. Beavers, Co. C.

Private W. W. Forrister, Co. D.

Private R. J. Orr, Co. E.

First Sergt. N. M. Howard, Co. F.

Private James N. Bullard, Co. G.

Private Archibald McDonald, Co. H.

First Sergt. B. L. Stephens, Co. I.

Private W. H. Burgamy, Co. K.

Thirty-fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Corpl. Jackson Baggett, Co. A.

Private A. S. W. Bass, Co. B.

Second Sergt. J. A. Cochran, Co. C.

Thirty-fifth Regiment of Infantry-Continued.

Private Rolla Willingham, Co. D.

Private D. P. White, Co. E.

Private R. D. B. Holt, Co. F.

Private W. E. Moore, Co. G.

Private Absalom Martin, Co. H.

Private Lewis [J.] Millican, Co. I.

Private D. M. Pearce, Co. K.

Forty-fourth Regiment of Infantry:

Private James Fambrough,* Co. C.

Private James A. McNatt,* Co. F.

The other companies declined making selections.

Forty-fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Captain William H. Shaw.*

Private John D. Pate,* Co. A.

Private John H. King, Co. C.

Private James M. Lawrence, Co. E.

Private James P. Green, Co. F.

Private John S. Bonner, Co. G.

Private H. W. Dent, Co. H.

Private W. W. Wilson, Co. I.

Private M. H. Fitzpatrick, Co. K.

Company B declined making a selection.

Forty-ninth Regiment of Infantry:

Sergt. H. A. Hall, Co. A.

Private Lewis White, Co. B.

Sergt.[A.] M. Watkins, Co. C.

Sergt. W. T. Moore,* Co. D.

Corpl. James [V.] Hollingsworth,*Co. E.

Corpl. L. D. Taylor, Co. F.

Corpl. J. N. Jordan, Co. G.

Private Joseph Bell, Co. H.

Private F. B. Poole, Co. I.

Private James Taylor,* Co. K.

Twenty-first Regiment of Infantry:

Declined making selections.


*Killed in action.