War of the Rebellion: Serial 039 Page 1052 N.VA.,W.VA.,MD.,AND PA. Chapter XXXVII.

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nothing has yet been heard from them. This, I am sorry to say, has given rise to some feeling among the men, who think they are neglected in this matter. I know there will be some difficulty about procuring the necessary badges, but might not their names be published at once, and the badges sent as soon as they can be procured?

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

R. E. LEE,




I wish you would charge yourself with the early execution of this law about badges. Such badges, I should think, might be readily obtained. If not, the names should at least be published, with some complimentary order. This had better be done, even if badges are to be had in a few weeks.

J. A. S. [SEDDON],



No. 131. Richmond, Va., October 3, 1863.

Difficulties in procuring the medals and badges of distinction having delayed their presentation by the President, as authorized by the act of Congress approved October 13, 1862, to the officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates of the armies of the Confederate States conspicuous for courage and good conduct on the field of battle, to avoid postponing the grateful recognition of their valor until it can be made in the enduring form provided by that act, it is ordered-

I. That the names of all those who have been, or may hereafter be, reported as worthy of this distinction, be inscribed on a roll of honor, to be preserved in the office of the Adjutant and Inspector General for reference in all future time, for those who have deserved well of their country, as having best displayed their courage and devotion on the field of battle.

II. That the Roll of Honor, so far as now made up, be appended to this order, and read at the head of every regiment in the service of the Confederate States at the first dress parade after its receipt, and he published in at least one newspaper in each State.

III. The attention of the officers in charge is directed to General Orders, No. 93, Section No. 27, of the series of 1862, Adjutant and Inspector General's Office, [following] for the mode of selecting the non-commissioned officers and privates entitled to this distinction, and its execution is enjoined.

* * * * * *



Third Regiment of Infantry:

Sergt. Walter Ransom, Co. C.

Sergt. George [H.]Ellison, Co. E.

Corpl. H. H. Hardy, Co. G.

Private C. D. Rouse, Co. H.

Corpl. W. H. Powers, Co. K.

Companies A, B, D, F, and L. declined voting.

Fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Captain W. T. Renfro, Co. B.

Private W. P. Stokes, Co. A.

Private John Summers, Co. B.

Private F. M. Burnett, Co. C.

Sergt. John H. Cowan, Co. D.

Private Louis H. Thornton, Co. E.

Corpl. John O. Donohoe, Co. F.