War of the Rebellion: Serial 039 Page 0977 Chapter XXXVII. THE CHANCELLORSVILLE CAMPAIGN.

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ous conduct: Corps. R. W. Clarke and William Chappell, and Private W. J. Howell, Company A, Sixth Georgia Regiment. Lieuts. George W. Lathem, commanding Company D, and W. P. Edwards, commanding Company F, Twenty-seventh Georgia Regiment. Sergt. W. A. Webb, Corps. L. C. Fentrell and C. M. Newberry, Privates H. Newberry, M. Merrit, J. Murchison, J. Hoskins, J. Worsham, W. G. Clary, and Simon Johnson, of Company C; Privates A. L. Dodd, John J. Buffington, G. M. Dodd, James Laster, Thomas J. Horton, and A. J. Whitaker, of Company E; Privates J. t. Reeves and J. C. Curtice, of Company G; Sergts J. B. Bryans and T. J. Dukes, Corpl. B. P. Pryor, Privates B. F. Norris, G. W. Rape, J. M. Lindsey, and John H. Lewis, of Company H; Sergt. James Shirab, of Company F; Private William Connel, of Company K, Twenty-seventh Georgia Regiment.

A D D E N D A.

Casualties in Colquitt's brigade.

Command. Killed. Wounded. Missing. Total.

6th Georgia..... 2 36 ........ 38

19th Georgia.... 3 40 ........ 43

23rd Georgia..... ....... ....... ......... *276

27th Georgia.... 3 28 ........ 31

28th Georgia.... 2 30 2 34

Total+ 10 134 2 422

Numbers 383. Report of Colonel John T. Lofton, Sixth Georgia Infantry.

CAPTAIN: In accordance with orders just received, the following is a report of the operations of the Sixth Georgia Regiment since the division moved on April 29:

We left camp on Wednesday morning, and camped near Hamilton's Crossing that night. The next (Thursday) morning we took position near the Crossing, with General Colquitt's brigade, at the breastworks where we remained until 3 o'clock Friday morning, when the regiment moved with the brigade toward Chancellorsville, opposite the slate house. At this point we remained until nearly dark, under severe shelling but without loss. The regiment then marched a mile or two up the plank road and camped for the night.

On the next (Saturday) morning the regiment moved beyond Chancellorsville 3 or 4 miles, and then to the right toward the river, and then moved forward to attack the right flank of the enemy. As we advanced, the order was for the Sixth Georgia Regiment to connect with the right of General Doles' brigade, on our left, which order was implicitly obeyed.

The Sixth Georgia Regiment, however, went in advance of the right of General Colquitt's brigade, as the right had to pass through a very thick undergrowth and marsh. The brigade halting, the Sixth Georgia Regiment, by order of General Colquitt, fell back to connect with it,


* Killed, wounded, and missing not distinguished.

+But see Guild's report, p. 808.