War of the Rebellion: Serial 039 Page 0708 Chapter XXXVII. N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA.

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On May 1, the brigade moved out on the Plank road east of Chancellorsville, and formed line of battle on the left of the Frist Brigade of the division, whose right rested near said road, said line being about perpendicular with the Plank road. The division moved forward toward the enemy, in the direction of Fredericksburg. The line was ordered back just as the skirmishers of the One hundred and seventh New York were fired on while retiring, and returned the fire. The Third Wisconsin, Colonel Hawley, was ordered to move at once to the picket line of the brigade and occupy it. While in this position it was attacked, and some skirmishing occurred between it and the enemy, resulting in the loss of Lieutenant-Colonel Scott, Third Wisconsin Volunteers, a brave and faithful officer. He was still suffering from wounds received at Cedar Mountain.

After reaching our former position, a substantial breastwork was constructed of logs and earth in rear of the abatis; also two regiments of the brigade-the Twenty-seventh Indiana and Third Wisconsin Volunteers, which had fallen back under orders-moved to a position in front of the line of regiments, and were ordered to and did construct breastworks in the edge of the woods, completely covering by their fire-a cross-fire-the open ground in front of the position of the brigade, and also of a portion of that then occupied by General Birney's division.

On the afternoon of Saturday, the brigade, with the exception of one regiment, the Thirteenth New Jersey Volunteers, was ordered, with the rest of the division, to move on a line obliquely to the left and front of our position, for the purpose of attacking the enemy's rear and picking up prisoners, in conjunction with Generals Birney's and Whipple's divisions. My brigade was assigned a position by your order on the left of the division. After proceeding about a mile, and coming under the fire of the enemy's artillery, and order was received from yourself to return immediately, which was done.

In the meantime the enemy had attacked and driven the Eleventh Corps, and were in possession of a part of the intrenchments of our division. I received orders from you, through and officer of your staff, to take position with my left resting on the intrenchments, my line extending to the right along the crest of the ridge near the edge of the woods in front of Fairview.

The line of my brigade in this new position was nearly perpendicular to the Plank road. My brigade was in two lines, the Third Wisconsin, Second Massachusetts, and Twenty-seventh Indiana forming the first line, the Third Wisconsin being on the right, and the Thirteenth New Jersey and One hundred and seventh New York the second line. In this position the brigade remained, with skirmishers in front, during the night. A night attack was made, or attempted to be made, of which I had no official notice, by a portion of General Sickles' corps, part of which was immediately on my left. I had heard unofficially that a night attack was talked of, and when it occurred I gave orders to the commanders of regiments of the brigade to keep their men steady and not to fire unless fired into, as I believed the attack was by our own troops.

Early on the morning of the 3rd, the enemy moved forward to the attack, the lines of your division, in its then position, and that of General Geary's forming by its prolongation an angle, the point of intersection being near the crest of the hill on the left or open ground.

This position on the left was occupied by a portion of General Sickles'