War of the Rebellion: Serial 039 Page 0157 Chapter XXXVII. THE CHANCELLORSVILLE CAMPAIGN.

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Brigadier General HENRY J. HUNT, Chief of Artillery.


(1) Captain WILLIAM M. GRAHAM.

(2) Brigadier General ROBERT O. TYLER.+

1st Connecticut Heavy, Battery B, Lieutenant Albert F. Brooker.

1st Connecticut Heavy, Battery M. Captain Franklin A. Pratt.

New York Light, 5th Battery, Captain Elijah D. Taft.

New York Light, 15th Battery, Captain Patrick Hart.

New York Light, 29th Battery, Lieutenant Gustav von Blucher.

New York Light, 30th Battery, Captain Adolph Voegelee.

New York Light, 32th Battery, Lieutenant George Gaston.

1st United States, Battery K, Lieutenant Lorenzo Thomas, jr.

3rd United States, Battery C, Lieutenant Henry Meinell.

4th United States, Battery G, Lieutenant Marcus P. Miller.

5th United States, Battery K, Lieutenant David H. Kinzie.

32nd Massachusetts Infantry, Company C, Captain Josiah C. Fuller.

Train Guard.

4th New Jersey (seven companies):

Colonel William Birney.

Captain Robert s. Johnston.


Major General JOHN F. REYNOLDS.


1st Maine Cavalry, Company L, Captain Constantine Taylor.


Brigadier General JAMES S. WADSWORTH.

First Brigade.


22nd New York, Major Thomas J. Strong.

24th New York, Colonel Samuel R. Beardsley.

30th New York, Colonel William M. Searing.

84th New York (14th Militia), Colonel Edward b. Fowler.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General LYSANDER CUTLER.

7th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel Ira G. Grover.

76th New York, Colonel William P. Wainwright.

95th New York, Colonel George H. Biddle.

147th New York, Colonel John G. Butler.

56th Pennsylvania, Colonel J. William Hofmann.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General GABRIEL R. PAUL.

22nd New Jersey, Colonel Abraham G. Demarest.

29th New Jersey, Colonel William R. Taylor.

30th New jersey, Colonel John J. Cladek.

31st New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel Robert R. Honeyman.

137th Pennsylvania, Colonel Joseph B. Kiddoo.

Fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General SOLOMON MEREDITH.

18th Indiana, Colonel Samuel J. Williams.

24th Michigan, Colonel Henry A. Morrow.

2nd Wisconsin, Colonel Lucius Fairchild.

6th Wisconsin, Colonel Edward S. Bragg.

7th Wisconsin, Colonel William W. Robinson.


*All organizations of artillery, except the Reserve, will be found in the rosters of the commands with which they served.

+Assigned May 2.