War of the Rebellion: Serial 039 Page 0155 Chapter XXXVII. THE CHANCELLORSVILLE CAMPAIGN.

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Numbers 391.-Lieutenant Colonel Nelson Slough, Twentieth North Carolina Infantry.

Numbers 392.-Colonel Daniel H. Christie, Twenty-third North Carolina Infantry.

Numbers 393.-Brigadier General S. D. Ramseur, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Numbers 394.-Captain Seaton Gales, Assistant Adjutant-General, C. S. Army.

Numbers 395.-Lieutenant Colonel T. H. Carter, C. S. Army, commanding Artillery Battalion.

Numbers 396.-Major General Jubal A. Early, C. S. Army, commanding division.

Numbers 397.-Brigadier General R. E. Colston, C. S. Army, commanding division.

Numbers 398.-Lieutenant Oscar Hinrichs, C. S. Army, Chief Engineer.

Numbers 399.-Colonel J. H. S. Funk, Fifth Virginia Infantry, commanding Paxton's brigade.

Numbers 400.-Colonel J. Q. A. Nadenbousch, Second Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 401.-Major William Terry, Fourth Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 402.-Lieutenant Colonel H. J. Williams, Fifth Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 403.-Lieutenant Colonel Daniel M. Shriver, Twenty-seventh Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 404.-Lieutenant Colonel Abraham Spengler, Thirty-third Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 405.-Colonel A. S. Vandeventer, Fiftieth Virginia Infantry, commanding Jones' brigade.

Numbers 406.-Lieutenant Edmund E. England, Acting Adjutant, Twenty-first Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 407.-Captain Thomas R. Buckner, Forty-fourth Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 408.-Major Oscar White, Forty-eighth Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 409.-Major L. J. Perkins, Fiftieth Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 410.-Lieutenant Colonel Hamilton A. Brown, First North Carolina Infantry, commanding Colston's brigade.

Numbers 411.-Lieutenant John A. Morgan, Acting Adjutant, First North Carolina Infantry.

Numbers 412.-Colonel E. T. H. Warren, Tenth Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 413.-Captain A. H. Smals, Tenth Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 414.-Lieutenant Colonel Simeon T. Walton, Twenty-third Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 415.-Colonel J. M. Williams, Second Louisiana Infantry, commanding Nicholls' brigade.

Numbers 416.-Captain E. D. Willett, First Louisiana Infantry.

Numbers 417.-Lieutenant Colonel R. E. Burke, Second Louisiana Infantry.

Numbers 418.-Captain A. Perrodin, Tenth Louisiana Infantry.

Numbers 419.-Lieutenant Colonel D. Zable, Fourteenth Louisiana Infantry.

Numbers 420.-Captain William C. Michie, Fifteenth Louisiana Infantry.

Numbers 421.-Colonel H. P. Jones, C. S. Army, commanding Artillery Battalion.

Numbers 422.-Captain Willis J. Dance, First Virginia Artillery, Brown's battalion, Artillery Reserve, Second Corps.

Numbers 423.-Major General James E. B. Stuart, C. S. Army, commanding cavalry division, including the Stoneman Raid.

Numbers 424.-Colonel W. C. Wickham, Fourth Virginia Cavalry.

Numbers 425.-Major R. F. Beckham, C. S. Artillery, commanding Stuart Horse Artillery.

Numbers 426.-Confederate Roll of Honor.

Numbers 1. Report of Major General Henry W. Halleck, U. S. Army, General-in-Chief.

WASHINGTON, D. C., November 15, 1863.

SIR: In compliance with your orders I submit the following summary of military operations since my last annual report:

* * * * * * *

General Hooker relieved General Burnside from his command on January 26, but no advance movement was attempted till near the end of April, when a large cavalry force, under General Stoneman, was sent across the Upper Rappahannock, toward Richmond, to destroy the