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Abbay's (George F.) Artillery. See Mississippi Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery K.

Abbott's (Charles H.) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 30th Regiment.

Abercrombie's (John C.) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 11th Regiment.

Abert's (G. W.) Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, 14th Regiment.

Adair's (John A.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Confederate, 4th Regiment

Adams' (Robert N.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 81st Regiment.

Adams' (Wirt) Cavalry. See Mississippi Troops.

Alexander's (James M.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, Union, 1st Regiment (Colored.)

Allen's (Benjamin) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 16th Regiment.

Anderson's (J. W.) Artillery. See Botetourt Artillery.

Andrews' (Julius A.) Cavalry. See Texas Troops, 32nd Regiment.

Anthony's (De Witt C.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 66th Regiment.

Appeal Artillery. See Arkansas Troops, Confederate.

Armstrong's (Fletcher E.) Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 11th Battery.

Arndt's (Albert F. R.) Artillery. See Michigan Troops, 2nd Battery.

Austin's (James E.) Infantry. # See Alabama Troops, Confederate, 32nd Regiment.

Austin's (James E.) Sharpshooters. See Louisiana Troops, Confederate, 14th Battalion.

Aymett's (H. H.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 53rd Regiment.

Bacon's (George A.) Cavalry. See Illinois Troops, 15th Regiment.

Badger's (Ed.) Infantry. See Florida Troops, 4th Regiment.

Bailey's (George W. K.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 99th Regiment.

Bailey's (J. E.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 49th Regiment.

Bains' (S. C.) Artillery. See Mississippi Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery L.

Baker's (Alpheus) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, Confederate, 54th Regiment.

Baker's (Samuel R.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 47th Regiment.

Balch's (R. M.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 18th Battalion

Baldwin's (William H.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 83rd Regiment.

Ballentine's (John G.) Cavalry. See Mississippi Troops.

Ballou's (Daniel W.) Cavalry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 10th Regiment.

Barger's (Harrison C.) Artillery. See Illinois Troops, 2nd Regiment, Battery D.

Barkuloo's (William) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 57th Regiment.

Barnes' (?) Cavalry. Official designation not of record. See --- Barnes (?).

Barrett's (Samuel E.) Artillery. See Illinois Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery B.

Barry's (Robert L.) Artillery. See Lookout Artillery.

Barry's (W. S.) Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, 35th Regiment.

Barteau's (C. R.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Bartilson's (Matthias II.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 80th Regiment.


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#Temporarily commanding.