War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 1041 Chapter XXXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Featherston's Brigade.

Colonel J. A. ORR.

3rd Mississippi, Major S. M. Dyer.

22nd Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel H. J. Reid.

31st Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel M. D. L. Stephens.

33rd Mississippi, Colonel D. W. Hurst.

1st Mississippi Battalion (sharpshooters,), Major J. M. Stigler.

Alabama Battery, Captain S. Charpentier.

McLendon's (Mississippi) battery, Captain Jacob Culbertson.


Major General W. H. T. WALKER.

Ector's Brigade.

Brigadier General M. D. ECTOR.

9th Texas, Lieutenant Colonel, M. A. Dillard.

10th Texas (dismounted cavalry), Lieutenant Colonel C. R. Earp.

14th Texas (dismounted cavalry,) Colonel J. L. Camp.

32nd Texas (dismounted cavalry), Colonel Julius A. Andrews.

Alabama Battalion (sharpshooters), Major T. O. Stone.

Mississippi Battalion (sharpshooters), Captain M. Pounds.

McNally's (Arkansas) battery, Lieutenant F. A. Moore.

Gist's Brigade.

Brigadier General S. R. GIST.

46th Georgia, Colonel Peyton H. Colquitt.

8th Georgia Battalion, Captain Z. L. Watters.

16th South Carolina, Colonel James McCullough.

24th South Carolina, Colonel C. H. Stevens.

South Carolina Battery, Captain T. B. Ferguson.

Gregg's Brigade.

Brigadier General John GREGG.

3rd Tennessee (volunteers), Colonel C. H. Walker.

10th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel William Grace.

30th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel James J. Turner.

41st Tennessee, Colonel Robert Farquharson

50th Tennessee, Colonel C. A. Sugg.

1st Tennessee, Battalion, Major S. H. Colms.

7th Texas, Colonel H. B. Granbury.

Missouri Battery, Captain H. M. Bledsoe.

Wilson's Brigade.

Colonel C. C. WILSON.

25th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel A. J. Williams.

29th Georgia, Colonel William J. Young.

30th Georgia, Colonel Thomas W. Mangham.

1st Georgia Battalion (sharpshooters), Major Arthur Shaaff.

4th Louisiana Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel J. McEnery.

Martin's (Georgia) battery, Lieutenant E. P. Howell.


Independent Company Georgia Cavalry, Captain T. M. Nelson.


Brigadier General WILLIAM H. JACKSON.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General GEORGE B. COSBY.

1st Mississippi, Colonel R. A. Pinson.

4th Mississippi, Major J. L. Harris.

28th Mississippi, Colonel P. B. Starke.

Adams' Mississippi Regiment, Colonel Wirt Adams.

Ballentine's (Mississippi) Regiment, Lt. Colonel W. L. Maxwell.

17th Mississippi Battalion, Major A. C. Steede.

Clark (Missouri) Artillery, Captain Houston King.

SECOND Brigade.

Brigadier General J. W. WHITFIELD,

3rd Texas, Lieutenant Colonel J. S. Boggess.

6th Texas,* Major Jack Wharton.

9th Texas, Colonel D. W. Jones.

1st Texas Legion, Lieutenant Colonel J. H. Broocks.

Bridges' battalion, * Major H. W. Bridges.


*Detached under command of Colonel L. S. Ross.