War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0983 Chapter XXXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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We are actually on sufferance, and the consequence, is, as far as I can hear, there is complaining and general dissatisfaction throughout our lines.

We are, and have been, kept close in the trenches day and night, not allowed to forage any at all, and even if permitted, there is nothing to be had among the citizens.

Men don't want to starve, and don't intend to, but they call upon you for justice, if the commissary department can give it; if it can't, you must adopt some means to relieve us very soon. The emergency of the case demands prompt and decided on your part.

If you can't feed us, you had better surrender us, horrible as the

idea is, than suffer this noble army to disgrace themselves by desertion. I tell you plainly, men are not going to lie here perish, if they do love their country dearly. Self-preservation is the law of nature, and hunger will compel a man to do almost anything.

You had better heed a warning voice, though it is the voice of a private soldier.

This army is now ripe for mutiny, unless it can be fed.

Just think of one small biscuit and one or two mouthfuls of bacon per day. General, please direct your inquiries in the proper channel, and see if I have not stated stubborn facts, which had better be heeded before we are disgraced.



Memorandum of the amount of subsistence stores loaded on wagons at Jackson (including evening of June 28, 1863).

Articles. Quantity. Rations. Numbers of


Meal Pounds. 234,849 141


Bread 35,750 35,750 35

Rice 23,889 23,889 14

353,201 294,488 190

Bacon 37,500 75,000 18

Salt 13,500 300,000 6

Sugar 18,000 300,000 9

422,201 969,488 223

There will be required to complete the entire 300,000 rations, about 5 wagons more.

General Breckinridge's DIVISION at Jackson is supplied with bacon, beef meal, rice, sugar, soap, and salt up to 3rd July, inclusive.

Memorandum of wagons loaded at Canton, MISS., June 28 and 29; not included in report of 28th instant.

Articles. Quantity. Rations. Numbers of


For General Pounds



Bacon 3,000 6,000

Meal 33,094 26,475

Flour 2,025 2,025

Salt 1,500 32,000 19

Sugar 2,493 41,550

42,112 108,050




Salt 100 2,133

Flour 500 500

Meal 5,633 4,506

Bacon 714 1,428 6

Total 6,947 8,567