War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0707 Chapter XXXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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Buford's Brigade.

Brigadier General A. BUFORD.

27th Alabama, Colonel James Jackson.

49th Alabama, Colonel Jeptha Edwards.

4th [16th] Alabama Battalion,

Lieutenant Colonel John Snodgrass.

6th Alabama Battalion,

10th Arkansas, Colonel A. R. Witt.

3rd Kentucky, Colonel A. P. Thompson.

7th Kentucky, Colonel Ed. Crossland.

Watson(Louisiana) Battery, Lieutenant E. A. Totaled Number


9th Louisiana Battalion, Partisan Rangers, Colonel J. H. Wingfield.

Louisiana Company, Captain H. L. Daigre.

Louisiana Company, Captain B. F. Bryan.

Louisiana Company, Captain John B. Cage.

Mississippi Battalion, Major W. H. Garland.

[Hughes'] Mississippi Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel C. C. Wilbourn.

Mississippi Company,* Captain Gadi Herren.

Mississippi Company,* Captain W. V. Lester.

Mississippi Company,+ Captain T. C. Rhodes.

Mississippi Company, Captain V. L. Terrell.

Mississippi Company, Captain T. R. Stockdale.

9th Tennessee Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel G. Gantt. ++

Heavy Artillery.

1st Alabama, Colonel I. G. W. Steedman.

12th Louisiana Battalion,

Lieutenant Colonel P. F. DeGournay.

1st Tennessee Battalion,


Brigadier General John ADAMS.

1st [Mississippi] Choctaw Infantry Battalion, Major J. W. Pierce.

Kentucky Cavalry Company, Captain J. N. Bolen.

Kentucky Cavalry Company, Captain B. D. Terry.

1st Mississippi Battalion State troops, major W. B. Harper. 14th Mississippi, Colonel G. W. Abert.

15th Mississippi Infantry, Company C, Captain P. H. Norton.

3rd Mississippi Brigade, State troops, # Brigadier General J. Z. George.


Brigadier General JAMES R. CHALMERS.

1st Mississippi Cavalry, Partisan Rangers, Colonel W. C. Falkner.

[3rd] Mississippi Cavalry (three companies), Colonel John McGuirk.

[18th] Mississippi Cavalry Battalion, Major A. H. Chalmers.

Matthew's Battalion, Mississippi State troops, Captain Samuel Matthews.

Mississippi Cavalry Company, Captain J. Y. Smith.

Mississippi Cavalry Company, Captain Sol. G. Street.

Mississippi Cavalry Company, Captain J. F. White.

Mississippi Cavalry Battalion, State troops, Major G. L. Blythe.


* Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel H. H. Miller.

+ Under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Garland.

++ Gantt's command embraced Bryan's, Cage's, Daigre's, Stockdale's, and Terrell's companies, and Wilbourn's battalion.

& Headquarters at Jackson.

# At Grenada.

@ Headquarters at Panola.