War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0611 Chapter XXXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -CONFEDERATE.

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is issued by the judge upon the exhibition of the libel, and the property is condemned upon proof of the facts charged. A suit in the same court may be brought against those who have succeeded in evading the vigilance of the officers. If this property has become the property of any of the officers of the United States or the camp followers, or is found in their camps, magazines, &c., it will fall under the FIFTY-seventh article of the Articles of War.

As trading with an enemy is prohibited by the general laws of nations, the property thus acquired may be treated as still belonging to the enemy, and is disposable as other property taken in war. The act of sequestration provides for the disposition of this description.

This statement of the laws in force will sufficiently enable you to act so as to carry into effect their object.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant, for Secretary of War,


Assistant Secretary of War.

Abstract from return of the Department of Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana, Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton, C. S. Army, commanding, for January 31, 1863.

Present for duty

Command Officers Men

First District [Ruggles] 117 1,290

SECOND District 634 8,429

[Stevenson]: Stevenson's


Smith's DIVISION 465 5,824

Maury's DIVISION 417 5,049

Total SECOND District 1,516 19,302

THIRD District* [Gardner] 1,019 11,353

Fourth District [John 22 80


Loring's DIVISION 483 5,715

Van Dorn's cavalry - -

Grand total 3,157 37,740

Command Aggregate Aggregate Remarks

present present

and absent

First District 1,717 3,119 Headquarters

[Ruggles] Columbus,


SECOND District 10,775 16,785 Headquarters

[Stevenson]: Vicksburg

Stevenson's DIVISION

Smith's DIVISION 8,516 10,520

Maury's DIVISION 7,471 11,584

Total SECOND District 26,762 38,889

THIRD District* 15,802 20,733 Headquarters

[Gardner] Port Hudson,


Fourth District [John 172 388 Headquarters

Adams] Jackson,


Loring's DIVISION 7,413 10,032 Cavalry not



Van Dorn's cavalry - - No report


Grand total 51,866 73,161

Organization of the troops in the Department of Mississippi and Eastern Louisiana, Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton, C. S. Army, commanding, January 31, 1863.


Brigadier General DANIEL RUGGLES.

13th Alabama Battalion, Partisan Rangers.

3rd Mississippi Battalion, State troops.

4th Mississippi Cavalry.

5th Mississippi Regiment, State troops.

Gillelyn's Mississippi cavalry company,

State troops.

Warren's Mississippi Partisan Rangers.

White's Mississippi cavalry company.

2nd Tennessee Cavalry.

Owens' Arkansas battery.

Thrall's Arkansas battery.

Rice's Tennessee Heavy Artillery.

Heavy Artillery Battalion.


*Known also as the District of Louisiana, or Gardner's DIVISION.