War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0455 Chapter XXXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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THIRD Brigade.

Colonel John W. FULLER.

27th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Zeph S. Spaulding.

39th Ohio, Colonel Edward F. Noyes.

43rd Ohio, Colonel Wager Swayne.

63rd Ohio, Colonel John W. Sprague.

3rd Michigan Battery, Captain George Robinson.

2nd U. S. Artillery (Battery F), Lieutenant Charles Green.

Fourth Brigade.


49th Illinois, Colonel Phineas Pease.

119th Illinois, Colonel Thomas J. Kinney.

21st Missouri, Lieutenant Colonel Humphrey M. Woodyard.

34th Wisconsin, Companies B, c, d, f, h, and K, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Orff.

2nd Illinois Cavalry (five companies), Captain Franklin Moore.

5th Ohio Cavalry (eight companies), Captain George H. Rader.

7th Wisconsin Battery, Lieutenant G. Edward Green.




Brigadier General Greenville M. DODGE.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General Thomas W. SWEENEY.

52nd Illinois, Colonel John S. Wilcox.

66th Indiana, Colonel De Witt C. Anthony.

2nd Iowa, Colonel James B. Weaver.

7th Iowa, Colonel Elliott W. Rice.

SECOND Brigade.


9th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Jesse J. Phillips.

12th Illinois, Colonel Augustus L. Chetlain.

122nd Illinois, Colonel John I. Rinaker.

81st Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Robert N. Adams.

THIRD Brigade.

Colonel MOSES M. BANE.

7th Illinois, Major George H. Estabrook.

50th Illinois, Major William Hanna.

57th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Frederick J. Hurlbut.

39th Iowa, Lieutenant Colonel James Redfield.

Unattached Infantry.

1st Alabama (A. D.), Colonel James M. Alexander.

64th Illinois, Companies A, b, c, d, e, and F, Lieutenant Colonel John Morrill.

66th Illinois, Colonel Patrick E. Burke.

18th Missouri, Colonel Madison Miller.


1st Alabama Siege, Company A, Captain Lionel V. Booth.

1st Illinois Light, Battery G, Captain Raphael G. Rombauer.

2nd Illinois Light, Battery B, Captain Fletcher H. Chapman.

12th Illinois Infantry, Company G, Captain James N. McArthur.

557th Illinois Infantry, Company D, Captain Peter M. Wickstrum.

2nd Michigan Battery, Captain William H. Ross.

1st Missouri Light, Battery D, Captain Henry Richardson.

1st Missouri Light, Battery H, Captain Frederick Welker.

1st Missouri Light, Battery I, Captain Benjamin Tannrath.


THIRD Brigade. ##

Colonel JAMES M. TRUE.

49th Illinois, Major Thomas W. Morgan.

62nd Illinois, Major Stephen M. Meeker.

50th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel T. Wells.

27th Iowa, Colonel James I. Gilbert.

3rd Illinois Light Artillery, Battery A, Captain Thomas F. Vaughn.

14th Indiana Battery, Captain Meredith H. Kidd.


*Headquarters at La Grange.

#Or SECOND DIVISION, SIXTEENTH Army Corps. For cavalry Brigade serving in district, see Cavalry DIVISION, p. 456.

##Headquarters at La Grange, Tenn. ; remainder of the DIVISION serving in the Vicksburg campaign.