War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0441 Chapter XXXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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exploded let your artillery open on the enemy's works in your front until further orders, firing deliberately.

The ground in your front being impracticable, it is not intended for you to make an assault, but a demonstration to prevent the enemy from massing on Logan's front.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


JUNE [25], 1863.

Colonel RAWLINS:

Find it impossible to hold [this] point without great sacrifice of life. Have withdrawn men, and have opened with artillery. Think we shall yet hold it.


[Assistant Adjutant-General.]

NEAR Vicksburg, June 25, 1863-12 m.

Major General F. J. HERRON:

One of our mines in General McPherson's front will be exploded at 3 p. m. to-day. Have your rifle-pits well filled with men, and the remainder of your line, and when you hear the explosion open with all your artillery that is in position for FIFTEEN or twenty [minutes], and should you discover any signs of the enemy moving troops toward (the end) McPherson's, you will make such demonstrations as to lead him to believe you intend to attack him.


NEAR Vicksburg, June 25, 1863.

General ORD:

McPherson secured the crater made by the explosion. The cavity made was sufficiently large to shelter two regiments. The enemy made an effort to drive our troops away. Our loss about 30 killed and wounded, some ten of them officers, and 3 field officers. Guns will be in the crater by morning, with rifle-pits to the left to defend it. If we can hold the position until morning it will evidently give us possession of a long line of rifle-pits to the right, and a fair way of advancing to enfilade to the left.


(Same to General Herron.)

NEAR Vicksburg, June 25, 1863.

General ORD:

McPherson occupies the crater made by the explosion. He will have guns in battery there by morning. He has been hard at work running rifle-pits right, and thinks he will hold all gained. Keep [A. J.] Smith's DIVISION sleeping under arms to-night, ready for an engagement. Their services may be required, particularly about daylight to-morrow morning. There should be the greatest vigilance on the whole line.