War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0429 Chapter XXXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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NEAR Vicksburg, MISS., June 22, 1863.

Rear-Admiral DAVID D. PORTER,

Commanding Mississippi Squadron:

There is every indication of Joe Johnston making an attack within the next forty-eight hours. I have given all the necessary orders to meet him some 25 miles out, Sherman commanding. As Johnston undoubtedly communicates with the garrison at Vicksburg and the troops WEST of the Mississippi, there is probably an understanding by which there may be a simultaneous attack upon Young's Point, our lines here, and by Johnston on the outside. I will direct General Dennis to be vigilant, and not allow the enemy to approach without timely notice to his troops. Milliken's Bend, in such case, may come in for a visit also. I would think it advisable, therefore, to keep one gunboat there. My hands will be very full here in case of an attack. I will direct General Dennis, therefore, to consult with you in all matters relating to defenses on the WEST side of the river.


LA GRANGE, June 22, 1863.

Lieutenant Colonel HENRY BINMORE, Assistant Adjutant-GENERAL:

The following dispatch has just been received from General Dodge:

A Mr. [O. T.] Cowan, rebel, returned from Jackson, MISS. ; left last Monday. Says troops were coming into Jackson there from North Carolina; that Breckinridge was in command there; also said that troops were coming up the road to Okolona, and that all the cavalry at that place were advancing this way. He goes extensively into particulars, and puts Johnston's force very large. There is no doubt but what forces are moving up from Okolona, but I cannot ascertain how far. I send this man's report as I got it. Ruggles, with 2,000 men, was certainly at Kelly's Mills. Where he went to I cannot say.


LA GRANGE, June 22, 1863.

Major-General HURLBUT:

It is impossible to tell yet whether the movement from Okolona is to be an attack in force along our lines or not. It looks something like it, however. In that event, we are not strong enough at any point to resist them, except at Memphis and Corinth. It is necessary to clear any


from the road as soon as possible. The sick should be sent at once. It will be difficult to concentrate forces on this line in less than two days at any point.


NEAR Vicksburg, June 23, 1863.

Major-General ORD:

Dispatches just received from General Sherman, on Birdsong Ferry road. Had heard nothing of Johnston up to 11 o'clock. Don't think he is this side of Big Black. *

You will immediately order General Osterhaus to immediately blockade all roads leading from the Big Black toward Vicksburg, between Clear Creek and the Birdsong Ferry road. Let him send competent officers and reliable officers in command of the blockading parties, who


*See siege of Vicksburg, Part II, p. 245.