War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0404 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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sacrificing Government troops and stores first and the plantations afterward in detail.

Not being on the ground myself, I cannot say exactly how your troops should be located. As general direction, I would say occupy and fortify three points. One of these should be Lake Providence, and one Milliken's Bend. At Lake Providence direct General Reid to fortify close to the river, where he can protect his troops and public stores, at least until he can notify you of his necessities for more troops. All the black troops should be got as much to themselves as possible, and required to fortify. Milliken's Bend will be the proper place for them. You want to keep Young's Point and the road across the point perfectly protected. This can be done with a very small force, the distance across being short, and gunboats at both ends of the road.

General Mower's brigade was sent to you merely for an emergency. As soon as the emergency ceases, I want them returned to their DIVISION. With the cavalry you have, the mounted men General Reid has, and by mounting part of one negro regiment, they can scout out every road from Lake Providence to Young's Point, so as to keep you advised of the approach of any force in time to prepare for them. Have you learned what has become of the force that attacked you a few days since? They should not be allowed to remain about Richmond.


CAIRO, ILL., June 11, 1863-2 p. m.

Honorable E. M. STANTON, Secretary of War:

The last of Burnside's troops left here yesterday evening. River at this point has risen over 3 feet since Sunday, and still rising about 10 inches in twenty-four [hours]. General Parke is at Vicksburg. His force not all reached that point. None of them have started below. Suppose they are waiting for the last shipment from this place. Hatch returned [from] Corinth yesterday from scouting south, and reports that every good mad has gone to Johnston, and that squads of poor militia are left behind gathering provisions and forage. Everything is being cleaned up and sent to Johnston. Hatch brought in all good horses and mules he could find and some prisoners. Parke has two splendid batteries of siege guns, which will be useful to General Grant.

No other news of interest here.



Near Vicksburg, June 11, 1863.

Major General STEPHEN A. HURLBUT, Comdg. SIXTEENTH Army Corps:

GENERAL: Yours of the 8th is just received. The artillery with Smith's DIVISION will make the supply here sufficient, supposing, of course, that all re-enforcements to arrive will have their quota of artillery with them. I do not hear of the enemy running cars north of Water Valley. If this is so, they cannot send any large force against you without your cavalry being able to give timely notice of their approach. Should Johnston disappear from my flank, I will have a much larger force than is required, and would at once relieve you, either by sending troops back by way of the river, or sending them up in the rear of any force that might be advancing on you, or both. I may, however, be deceived by the enemy showing all the time a force of Yazoo City and