War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0233 Chapter XXXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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HDQRS. Fifteenth ARMY CORPS, Number 26.

Camp near Vicksburg, April 25, 1863.

I. Pursuant to Special Orders, Number 110, from the Headquarters Department of the Tennessee, the Fifteenth Army Corps will march to Carthage, via Milliken's Bend and Richmond, by the left flank, viz, in the order of the THIRD, SECOND, and First DIVISIONS.

1. The THIRD DIVISION, General Tuttle commanding, will march on Monday to Milliken's Bend, thence to Richmond, and keep closed up on the rear of General McPherson's corps.

2. The SECOND DIVISION, General Blair commanding, will on Monday be transported in boats to the landing just above the Van Buren hospital, whence it will march to Richmond, and keep closed up on the THIRD DIVISION.

3. The First DIVISION, General Steele commanding, will on arrival from Greenville land at the old camp, gather up their camp equipage, and proceed by boats to a point near General Grant's headquarters at Milliken's Bend, and thence march to Richmond, and keep closed up on SECOND DIVISION.

II. The march will be conducted by brigades, and the wagon train disposed by each brigadier so as to obstruct the roads as little as possible, but each brigadier will keep with his wagon train a sufficient guard to assist them in case of accident.

III. The convalescents' camp of the THIRD DIVISION will be established near the site of their present camp; that for the SECOND and First DIVISION at a point convenient between Van Buren hospital and General Grant's old headquarters.

IV. Each DIVISION commander will deposit his spare tents and property in connection with his convalescents' camp, and may leave a disabled officer, specially charged to take care of and account for the same, with detail as he may think necessary. The officers, however, in command of these several convalescent's camps must report for orders to General Sullivan, in command of the troops left behind.

V. General Tuttle will begin the movement on Monday, the 27th instant, and not leave the river at Milliken's Bend till he has reason to believe the rear brigade of General McPherson is at lt; and all DIVISION commanders will so manage that when they leave the river their trains have ten days' rations and about 100 rounds of cartridges, in addition to those in the boxes of the men. Each soldier should carry 60 cartridges, two days' cooked rations, a tin cup, and a good overcoat or blanket. The wagons must carry chiefly provisions, and the very smallest of officers' baggage and cooking utensils. The march should be slow, but very regular. The utmost attention must be given to keeping the men in the ranks during the march. At a rest, the arms should be stacked and then the men can lie down. At night the brigade should be moved to one or other side of the road, guards posted, and men bivouacked in order easily to take the road in the morning.

VI. DIVISION commanders will use their cavalry to communicate with the troops to their front and rear, and will preserve intervals, so that the troops of different DIVISIONS will not commingle.

VII. Each DIVISION commander will be provided with a correct map by Captain Pitzman, from which brigade commanders should make sketches.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman:


Assistant Adjutant-General.