War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0117 Chapter XXXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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short boats are taken, they must be replaced with larger boats. The success of this army, indeed, its very life, depends upon our having an increased supply of transportation now while we can make use of the river. The boats that were at Carthage have gone down the river.


Lieutenant-Colonel and Quartermaster.

[Inclosure Numbers 4.]

CINCINNATI, March 13, 1863.

Colonel REYNOLDS, Chief Quartermaster, or

Captain LYMAN, Assistant Quartermaster, Memphis, Tenn.:

As yet I cannot get permission to take any boats out of this department for General Grant. Please send him every boat that comes to Memphis less than 200 feet long, and all others you possibly can, unless you have different orders from him. Also please telegraph me at Saint Louis all boats which have gone to him since the 4th. The Ruth can be taken if necessary. Indeed, I fear you must take nearly every boat.


Colonel and Assistant Quartermaster.

[Inclosure Numbers 5.]

CINCINNATI, March 11, 1863.

Colonel C. A. REYNOLDS,

Chief Quartermaster, Memphis, Tenn.:

COLONEL: General Wright so far declines permitting any boats leaving this department, unless I send an equal amount of tonnage in return. This I cannot promise to do. I hope, however, to get an order for eight or ten to-day. But I think the only safe way is for you to seize every boat at Memphis that can be possibly spared; and if General Grant is in danger of a flood, I would take every boat and send him as soon as possible. By all means I would take such boats as the Tycoon, and all other boats from the Ohio which are under 200 feet long. I would also take the Ruth; she has made money enough to be able to go bellow awhile, and let off some others, if General Grant can spare them. Pray do not let any boats return which will comply with General Grant's order, if less than 200 feet long. Will you also please advise me by telegraph the names of such boats as you have sent or have gone below since General Grant's order of the 4th instant, so I may he advised of the general's necessities? Please also request Captain Lyman to push off the boats from Memphis as fast as possible.

Very respectfully,


Colonel and Assistant Quartermaster.

CAIRO, March 16, 1863.

Major General U. S. GRANT, Commanding, Vicksburg:

I am under orders to join you with 5,000 troops of the Army of Southeast Missouri. If you have any orders in particular, please forward them to Memphis.