War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0115 Chapter XXXVI. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. -UNION.

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return with any you have for me. He will ask for some instructions concerning shipment from here to Memphis. Please advise concerning. LATER. -A scout just in says that on the 11th Ross was at Greenwood. Lloyd Tilghman had been there with a force of rebels to resist his passing, but, finding gunboats with Ross, left with his command for Yazoo City, where he would be joined by other forces. The enemy seem to fear our effecting a lodgment at that point. This information is reliable.



SAINT LOUIS, MO., March 16, 1863.

Major General U. S. GRANT:

GENERAL: I arrived here from Cincinnati yesterday. I inclose copies of telegrams from General Rosecrans to General Wright, with indorsement of General Wright; also copy of dispatch by me to General Rosecrans, with the answer of his quartermaster; also of telegram and letter to Colonel Reynolds. It will be extremely difficult to replace any boats from the Ohio. Everybody is complaining of me here for want of boats. The forage quartermaster says we are interfering with his contracts upon the upper rivers, and demands we do not take boats engaged bringing down forage, to which Colonel Allen, chief quartermaster, assents. The commissary wants his stores forwarded very promptly. General McNeil is said to be in a tight place, and we are required to send him three boats instantly. General Pope demands that we send three more boats up the Missouri to chase up those poor devils, the Indiana, &c.

The fact is, General Rosecrans of General Wright have nearly all the small boats engaged on the Tennessee and Cumberland, and it seems they absolutely require them there, while we have already at or below Memphis the great bulk of our boats, and, consequently, it is extremely difficult doing our necessary business here. As you are aware, I sent you three small boats from the Ohio, and could only get permission to take eight more under any circumstances. We have sent you five more from here, and suppose several more have been sent from Cairo and Memphis. We have two or three more here repairing, which I hope to send in two or three days. I have also sent afor two or three I hear are running there, and will send them as soon as I can get them. There are also two on the Illinois, but Colonel Allen says they must not be taken unless I can supply their places with larger ones, which I cannot do. These are all the boats less than 200 feet long I can control, except such as we may seize at Cairo or when they come into port here. There have gone to you, in addition, of large boats, since your order, as follows: Planet, capacity 1,500 men; John J. Roe, capacity 1,500 men; Continental, capacity 2,000 men; Minnehaha, capacity 1,200 men; Ruth, capacity 1,500 men; Von Phul, capacity 1,500 men; Champion, capacity 1,500 men; Kennett, capacity 1,500 men; Illinois, capacity 2,000 men. Of small boats-boats under 200 feet in length-I have sent from here as follows: Black Hawk, capacity 800 men; Golden Era, capacity 700 men; Lasalle, capacity 500 men; Belle Creole, capacity 500 men; Alone, capacity 500 men; Lacon, capacity 500 men; Nevada, capacity 600 men; J. K. Bell, capacity 800 men; White Rose, capacity 700 men. From Cincinnati I sent Ella, capacity 500 men; Lady Franklin, capacity 500 men; Diadem, capacity 500 men; City Belle, capacity 600 men; Tycoon, capacity 800 men. The following boats leave here to-night or to-morrow: Southwestern, capacity 1,000