War of the Rebellion: Serial 038 Page 0074 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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proposed iron-clad had not her machinery in, and was considered a failure.

There in no special news here. I am trying to get this region into shape, but the amount of rascality here is beyond all estimate.

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HDQRS. DISTRICT OF COLUMBUS, Number 11. Columbus, Ky., February 28, 1863.

The Mobile and Ohio Railroad communication having been reopened the following is published for the information and warning of the citizens living along the lines within the District of Columbus:

It is well known that the lawless bands of guerrillas which infest the country along the railroad derive their existence and support mainly from the disloyal citizens who enjoy the protection of the United States, on their oaths of allegiance, taken only to break at the first opportunity the obligation it entails. These citizens will be held responsible, with their persons and property, for the acts of guerrillas whom they cherish and support.

Any one not belonging to the Confederate army who shall give arms, ammunition, or supplies to these lawless bands will be summarily tried, by a military commission, in accordance with Articles of War 56 and 57, Army Regulations, which read as follows:

ART. 56. Whosoever shall relieve the enemy with money, victuals, or ammunition, or shall knowingly harbor or protect an enemy, shall suffer death or such punishment as shall be ordered by a court-martial.

ART. 57. Whosoever shall be convicted of holding correspondence with, or giving intelligence to, the enemy, either directly or indirectly, shall suffer death or such other punishment as shall be ordered by a court-martial.

For every raid or attempted raid by guerrillas upon the railroad, and for every attack upon the steamboats or Government transports on the river, the families living in closest proximity to the scene of the outrage will be arrested and held as hostages for the delivery of the real perpetrators. The civil law re-established in Kentucky for the benefit of the loyal shall never shield the traitor from his doom.


Abstract from return of the Department of the Tennessee, Major General Ulysses S. Grant, U. S. Army, commanding, for the month of February, 1863.

Present for duty.

Command. Officers. Men. Aggregate


Thirteenth Army Corps


General headquarters 29 310 402

NINTH DIVISION (Osterhaus) 195 4,024 6,182

Tenth DIVISION (A. J. 225 3,928 6,521


District of East Arkansas


Twelfth DIVISION (Hovey) 302 5,565 7,024

Thirteenth DIVISION (Fisk) 178 3,502 4,731

Cavalry DIVISION 189 3,094 4,721


Total 1,118 20,423 29,581

Pieces of


Command. Aggregate Hea Field Headquart

present vy. . ers.



Thirteenth Army Corps


General headquarters 587 -- --- Young's


NINTH DIVISION (Osterhaus) 8,583 -- 12

Tenth DIVISION (A. J. 9,558 -- 12


District of East Arkansas Helena.


Twelfth DIVISION (Hovey) 8,279 -- 26 Do.

Thirteenth DIVISION (Fisk) 5,574 -- 6 Do.

Cavalry DIVISION 5,910 -- 12


Total 38,491 -- 68