War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0707 Chapter XXXVI. ORGANIZATIONS MENTIONED.

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Hipp`s (Charles) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 37th Regiment.

Hoffmann`s (Louis) Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 4th Battery.

Hoge`s (George B.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 113th Regiment.

Hogg`s (W. N.) Artillery. See Appeal Artillery.

Holcombe Legion. See South Carolina Troops.

Holland`s (O. S.) Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, Confederate, 37th Regiment.

Holt`s (H. C.) Artillery. Official designation not of record. See H. C. Holt.

Hooker`s (C. E.) Artillery. See Mississippi Troops, Confederate, 1st Regiment, Battery A.

Hoskins` (James A.) Artillery. See Brookhaven Artillery.

Houston`s (Leonard B.) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 23rd Regiment.

Hovey`s (Alvin P.) Cavalry Escort. See Indiana Troops, 1st Regiment.

Hubbard`s (James M.) Cavalry. See Missouri Troops, Union (Mississippi Marine Brigade), 1st Battalion.

Hubbard`s (Lucius F.) Infantry. See Minnesota Troops, 5th Regiment.

Hudson Artillery. See Pettus Flying Artillery.

Hughes` (D. Henry) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 38th Regiment.

Humphrey`s (Thomas W.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 95th Regiment.

Humphrey`s (William) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 2nd Regiment.

Hunter`s (William) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 32nd Regiment.

Hurst`s (Fielding) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Union, 6th Regiment.

Hurt`s (John M.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 106th Regiment.

Hurter`s (Henry) Artillery. See Minnesota Troops, 1st Battery.

Jackson`s (Andrew, Jr.) Heavy Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate, 1st Regiment.

Jackson`s (James) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 27th Regiment.

Jackson`s (J. F. B.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 39th Regiment.

Jackson`s (W. H.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Jeansch`s (Frederick) Infantry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 31st Regiment.

Jeter`s (B. A.) Artillery. See Macbeth Artillery.

Joel`s (Benjamin) Cavalry. See Missouri Troops, Union,

Johnson`s Cavalry. Official designation not of record. See Lieutenant Johnson.

Johnson`s (Abda) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 40th Regiment.

Johnson`s (James A. W.) Infantry. See Georgia Troops, 34th Regiment.

Johnston`s (J. W.) Artillery. See Botetourt Artillery.

Johnston`s (T. N.) Heavy Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Jones` (D. W.) Infantry. See Arkansas Troops, Confederate, 20th Regiment.

Jones` (John J.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 14th Regiment.

Jones` (Robert B.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 34th Regiment.

Jones` (Samuel) Infantry. See Louisiana Troops, Confederate, 23rd [22nd] Regiment.

Jones` (Theodore) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 30th Regiment.

Jones` (Wells S.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 53rd Regiment.

Jordan`s (C. R.) Infantry. See Mississippi Troops, Confederate, 35th Regiment.

Joyce`s (Peter) Artillery. See MISSOURI Troops, Union.

Judy`s (James W.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 114th Regiment.

Kane County Cavalry. See Illinois Troops.

Keigwin`s (James) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 49th Regiment.

Kelly`s (John H.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 114th Regiment.

Kent`s (Daniel) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 19th Regiment.

Kerr`s (J. F.) Artillery. See Quitman Light Artillery.

Kershner`s (Jonathan) Cavalry. See Illinois Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Kimball`s (Charles B.) Artillery. See Wisconsin Troops, 1st Battery.

Kimbell`s (John C.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, 32nd Regiment.

King`s (John F.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 114th Regiment.

Kinsman`s (William H.) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 23rd Regiment.