War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0594 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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Thursday, July 9, the brigade took up the line of march at 5 a. m., and camped 2 miles east of Clinton, on the Jackson road.

Next morning(July 10), reveille was sounded at 21 a. m., and the brigade started at 4 a. m. toward Jackson, MISS., following the NINTH DIVISION, and arriving at a cross-road within about a mile of the city(although detained by skirmishing in front)soon after 8 a. m. Here, the SECOND Brigade being held in reserve, the First was ordered to file to the right, face to the front, and move forward in line of battle, throwing out skirmishers in advance. By order of General Smith, the SIXTEENTH and Sixty-seventh Indiana were directed to support the battery(SEVENTH Ohio), and the Sixtieth Indiana to from column by DIVISION on the extreme right, in order to watch that flank and repel any cavalry diversion on the part of the enemy. The Ninety-sixth Ohio advanced to the right flank(adjoining the Sixtieth Indiana), trough an open field, and the others trough timber, until, arriving in a line with the battery, we entered corn-fields, and were ordered to remain for a time.

About 10. 30 a. m., after some artillery firing from both sides, in which 1 man from the Ninety-sixth Ohio was killed by a solid shot from the rebel fort, general Smith ordered a farther advance(which was made by the brigade, except those supporting the battery and the regiment guarding the flank), until we passed a lane and fence, and entered rod or two into a corn-field, where to general of DIVISION ordered a halt. Here somewhat heavy firing occurred between our advance line and that of the enemy, who endeavored several times to force back our skirmishers; but as this line was re-enforced, the attack was without avail, although only three regiments occupied this front. In these three we lost on this day 1 killed, 5 wounded, and 1 MISSING in the Ninety-sixth Ohio, colonel Vance commanding, which was on the right; 2 wounded and 1 MISSING in the Eighty-THIRD Ohio, lieutenant-Colonel Baldwin commanding, which occupied the center, and 2 wounded in the Twenty-THIRD Wisconsin, lieutenant-Colonel Vilas commanding, which was in an open road and house-yard on the left, beside 5 cases of sunstroke, 2 of which proved fatal. Soon afternoon, having obtained permission from General Smith, I directed these three regiments to protect themselves by the fence, a rod in the rear, and showed the twenty-THIRD Wisconsin where they could obtain material to from a good barricade of parapet, to which by direction of Lieutenant-Colonel Vilas(who obtained some tools), they soon added earthworks that formed considerable protection against small-arms.

The Sixtieth Indiana meantime, major Nash commanding, being alone, on an extensive front which commanded our right flank, although they were now on time, were heavily pressed, and lost 1 killed, 1 mortally wounded, 4 less severely wounded, and 3 MISSING, when our skirmishers were forced to retire temporarily from a house, attached to which there was a good cistern. General Smith however, allowing the Sixty-seventh Indiana to be taken from the battery, I ordered them quickly to sustain the Sixtieth Indiana and to throw and four companies from each of the two regiments. Under charge of Lieutenant-Colonel Buehler, the two regiments advanced under this heavy skirmishing force, and speedily recovered the house and cistern of water, so essential to our pickets.

Two prisoners were taken by the Eighty-THIRD Ohio and sent to DIVISION headquarters. The SIXTEENTH Indiana, captain Moore commanding, in supporting the battery, had 1 wounded, making a total, for July 10, of 3 killed, 14 wounded, and 5 MISSing. This night we slept on our