War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0515 Chapter XXXVI. UNION RAID ON BROOKHAVEN, MISS., ETC.

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pose of recruiting men and horses. After this, again pushed as rapidly as possible for Ellisville. A short distance from Lear River the enemy destroyed a brigade over a creek different road to the river, crossing the ferry below them, and intersecting the road they were traveling some 6 miles from the river. On arriving a this point, some 2 miles from ELLISVILLE, I discovered they had not yet passed on. I immediately destroyed a bridge on Rocky Creek, dismounted my men, and took a position a receive them. In an hour after I arrived at this place the enemy came in sight. I allowed them to come within a few paces before firing upon them, the first and only fire given them. Four fell dead and 5 wounded, for seriously. The remainder scattered before we could reload. The captain being unhorsed, fell into four hands. In about and hour a flag of truce was sent to know the number of their dead and wounded, which I advised them of. Another flag being granted, after some preliminaries the entire command surrendered unconditionally. The horses, arms, and equipments, number unknown. As my command was composed almost entirely of citizens, strangers to me, it was impossible to prevent them(and, in fact, those who came in afterward)appropriating to their use both horses and equipments. It was a much as I could possibly do, to keep sufficient order to guard my prisoners. The horses, arms, and equipments are chiefly in the hands of citizens of Lawrence, Covington, and Jones Counties. Might possibly be collected, but it would require a force to do it. As much as possible I returned the horses taken from the citizens by the enemy. The entire command surrendered to me was 37. Four were so badly wounded as to compel me to leave them is Jones County. Before doing so, procured medical and other attention for them. Two of these so,(Michael O'NEIL, company C, and John S. Webster, company A, FIFTH Illinois Cavalry)I paroled; g take some distance from the road, I could to make time to see them. The balance of 33-31 non-commissioned officers and privates and 1 captain and 1 first lieutenant-I returned over to the commandant of the post a this place yesterday. A pursued them 86 miles with a force of 35 men and boys, composed of 2 soldiers of Company F, first Mississippi Light Artillery, a few of Captain [V. L.]Terrell's Cavalry, the balance old men and boys, and attacked them in thirty-six hours from the time I left Brookhaven. I left him at Ellisville. Inclosed please find orders from General [C. C.]Washburn to Captain Mann, showing the programme laid down for him to carry out. *

I am, sir, your obedient servant,

W, m. WILSON, 1st Lieut, company B, 43rd Regiment Tenn. Vols., comdg. Detachment.

Colonel B. S. EWELL,

Assistant Adjutant-General Jackson, MISS.



HEADQUARTERS cavalry FORCES, Snyder's Bluff, June 21, 1863.

III. he commanding Officer of the FIFTH Illinois cavalry will detail Captain [Calvin. A.]Mann and 40 picked men to report at General


*Not found, but see Addenda, below.