War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0501 Chapter XXXVI. OPERATIONS IN NORTHWESTERN Mississippi.

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great praise for their cool daring and the efficient manner in which they commanded they companies. . The men also did all that men could do under like circumstances.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

F. T. Moore,

Captain Company L, SECOND Illinois Cavalry.

Major T. J. LARISON,

Commanding Battalion of SECOND Illinois Cavalry.

Number 10Report of Brigadier General James R. Chalmers, c. S. Army, commanding district. HDQRS. FIFTH MIL. DEPT. OF MISS. AND E. La.,

, Panola June @^, 18963.

MAJOR; Having left Brigadier-General George With two regiments at Senatobia, and Colonel [Robert] McCulloch With parts of two regiments near him, With instruction to guard Panola, I possible, left on the 15th instant it for companies of the First [Seventh] Tennessee Cavalry, two companies [W. W.]Faulkner's Kentucky Partisans, and three pieces of artillery-an aggregate force of about 400 men-for the MISSISSIPPI River. On the 17th, we reached the river at Dale's Point, 4 miles above Commence, and in a very short time had a opportunity or firing into some of the enemy transport going up. The first to pass was the Alice Dewan, a dispatch boat. We fire 14 shots at her, and, as was afterward stated in the Memphis papers, struck the nine times an injured head badly. Soon after the Commercial(a side wheeler)and the Rocket*stern-wheeler)came up laced together. WE fire 33 shots at them, of which at last 33 took effect. One shot struck the furnace of the Rocket, scattering the fire in every direction; another tore off the rudder of the were moving were slowly, and persons living above on the river report that one of the boats sank and the other was abandoned and burned. Late in the evening I received a dispatch from my assistant adjutant-general(Captain [W. A.]Goodman), stating that the enemy were advancing on {Panola, and I immediately started to its relief. We marched 4 miles in the swamp that night, and the next day(Thursday)and soon were within 12 miles of Hernando, when I learned that a force of 320 picked men from First Missouri, SECOND Illinois, and FIFTH Ohio Regiments, under the command of Major [John] Henry, had passed through Hernando that morning and were moving toward to Panola. We pressed of after then, and four them encamped at Dr. Atkin's plantation 3 miles north of Coldwater. Our troops were got in position by 10 p. m., and before daylight in the morning we began the attack. After skirmishing for some time, the First [Seventh] Tennessee regiment 9 Colonel [J. G.]Stocks commanding was ordered to charge which I did in gallant style, driving the First Missouri before it. A General charge was be ordered and after a short struggle the enemy were routed and fled in every direction. We pursued them for 15 miles, capturing the major commanding, a lieutenant, and 86 man. The exhausted condition of our horses alone prevented us from capturing the whole command.