War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0432 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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May 26, 1863.

I have just learned that the force that fought Slemons was Ellet's Mounted Marine Brigade, en route for Vicksburg, seven transport loads.





MAY 26, 1863. -Expedition from Memphis, Tenn., toward Hernando, MISS.

Report of Major George N. Richmond, SECOND Wisconsin Cavalry,


Memphis, Tenn.

May 26, 1863.

CAPTAIN: In accordance with instructions, I left camp with my command, 200 men strong, composed as follows: One hundred men form the SECOND Wisconsin Cavalry, 50 men from the FIFTH Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, and 50 men from the First Missouri Cavalry. I proceeded, as directed, on Horn Lake road without encountering aught worthy of notice until I reached Nonconnah Creek, at which point the advance guard captured a member of Captain Manning's company. about 3 miles south of Noncaonnah Creek, on Horn Lake road, I turned from the main road to the left, in the direction of Hernando plank-road governing my course so as to pass the plantations of Colonel Blythe and Captain Manning.

Nothing occurred of importance at either of these plantations. At what is called Horn Lake Crossing, on Hernando plank-road., I captured a man who had in his possession a discharge form the Confederate service, and who is now in charge of the provost marshall, together with the first named prisoner. At this point I also ascertained from citizens the first named prisoner. At this point I also ascertained from citizen direct form Hernando that Colonel Hatch visited that place yesterday, with a cavalry force and that an infantry force and arrived there to day, 126th instant. I believe this information to be relative. Judging from intelligence received from all parties with whom I conversed I do not thing it possible that any rebel force is north of Coldwater, except Captain Manning's company about 30 strong.

I captured several horses, mules, and some arms but have received no report of precise number form detachment commander. I will report all captured property as soon as possible, I arrived at camp at 5 p. m. after enjoying quite a pleasant scout.

I have the honor to be, respectfully yours,&c.


Major, commanding EXPEDITION.

MAY 26-29, 1863. -Expedition from Bolivar to Wesley Camp, Somerville, and Antioch Church, Tenn., and skirmishes.

Report of Colonel Adolph Engelman, forty-THIRD Illinois Infantry.


May 30, 1863.

CAPTAIN: On the evening of My 26, general Brayoan ordered me to proceed to Wesley camp-ground and fall upon a body of the enemy