War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0408 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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with great activity and bitterness. We are entirely took weak to drive him out of these works; besides, the ground is very unfavorable for such and adventure. Are pushing forward work on our post, much yet to be done. We fire upon his parties at night, but cannot altogether stop his work. Have recommended the construction of lines of retrenchments as a precaution should the enemy carry this pint. We are using cotton for protection. In does not answer very good purpose; takes fire and has to be pulled down. It is good against sharpshooters.

June 6. -Enemy fired nearly all night from artillery, otherwise much as ususal.

June 8. -Nothing unusual on yesterday. To-day the enemy remarkably quiet, continuos fire during the night. He still works vigorously on his approaches. Can now come within 50 or 60 yards of the redan is advancing by double sap. Call attention again to the importance of constructing interior works to command redan should if fall. Pickets captured a prisoner last night.

June 9. -Last night the enemy fired into our working party on the left, wounding 2 men. We are constructing a rough stockade at that point, to prevent a dash from the enemy's works, now not more than 75 yards distant. We work under great difficulties, want axes and intrenchemnt tools. On the right we are strengthening ourselves steadily and surely, are making in the ditch and in front of the redan rough stockades with brush and wire entanglements.

June 10. Rained heavily this morning. Everything quiet except and occasional shot.

June 11. More rain last night. No usual movement on the part of the enemy. He has not been at work since the rain began. He is running a regular zigzag, using gabions and sap-roller in front of redan. The relief of the redan is so great that we cannot bring a gun to be on his sap-roller. The sharpshooters are extremely vigilant, and are within his sap-roller. The sharpshooter are extremely vigilant, and are within 60 or 70 yards, excellently covered. In front of the center of my position the enemy is constructing approaches to gain the point in front of lunette. Them Twenty-sixth Louisiana is securing its front against a dash my means of a picket with brush entanglements. Have directed that my entire line should be protected by brush, it is progressing rapidly.

June 12. -Enemy did no work last night in front of the redan. We finished our stockade on the left last night, shall cause a rifle-pits to be dug immediately on its rear. Shall complete the brush protection along my line to night. No great firing yesterday.

June 13. -Enemy again at work on the right. Dd little last night, but something. Again urge that the engineers construct inner works. No something. Sharspshootering very bitter. Sharpshooters take aim at exposed point, sand when one exposes himself in the least a number of guns are discharged simultaneously.

June 14. -Enemy cut down parapet of redan and disabled 12-pounder gun at that point. He made no perceptible advance with his sap last night. We used rampart and hang-grenades on his sap last night with good effect. Have organized my artillerists into a hand grenade and thunder-barrel corps, since our guns are of no service. The Twenty-seventh Louisiana has suffered dreadfully up to this time. It was relieved for a few days by a Missouri regiment.

June 15. -No change since yesterday. Sap at redan very close, within