War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0407 Chapter XXXVI. THE SIEGE OF Vicksburg, MISS.

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Too much praise cannot be given to both men and officer. My thanks are expressly due to Captain B. L. Moore, acting, assistant adjutant-general for valuable and intelligent service during the day; the displayed the most marked gallantry.

May 20 ans 21. Continued fire from the artillery and sharpshooters of the enemy., we improve every moment to strengthen our line and protect ourselves from the incessant fire. Our artillery is almost useless, since we have no properly constructed protection. Being almost without intrenching tools, we can do little to repair the evil.

May 22. -Fire from the enemy before dawn, keep it up with extreme vigor. A little after noon the enemy attempted to carry my position on the extreme right, another failure. A force on my extreme left begins to assemble. Taking advantage of the gorge in front, they gain the cover of the steep declivity at the foot of ridge running down from our line into the gorge. Several regiments are finally assembled. About 3 p. m. / a very heavy force discovers itself on my right and General Hebert's left. It moves forward to assault our line, it is repulsed with greats loss. Many of the enemy are killed in the ditch of redan occupied by THIRD Missouri Volunteers. as terribly beautiful scene. About 5 p. m. the force of my left just spoken of makes a behaved most admirably, mount the parapets with enthusiasm. Colonel Marks, twenty-seventh Louisiana, Lieutenant-Colonel Crow, twenty-seventh Louisiana Lieutenant Colonel McLaurin, twenty-seventh Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Crown twenty-sixth Louisiana, major Martin Twenty-sixth Louisiana, and Major Norwood, twenty-seventh Louisiana, each display great gallantry.

May 23 to 31. Enemy intrenching energetically at night, keeping up a continuous fire during the day. He has an almost continuous line of circumvallation, his guns are thoroughly protected with mantlets against sharpshooter. We are ordered not to expend ammunition against sharpshooter. We are ordered not to expend ammunition Colonel Thomas' regiment rejoined the brigade on May 25, and was placed in the center of my position. We are still at work improving our line. A furious cannonade on the 3212st.

June 1. -Enemy has established a new battery opposite the center of my line, also some additional rifled guns opposite redan, do our works considerable damage.

June 3. -Fire as usual. We lose a number of men each day., last night enemy was at work within 150 yards of redan. Feel the want of light-balls, have no means of lighting up., the nature of the ground being very broken permits the enemy to work so near us, are not strong enough to drive him away.

June 4. -Enemy opener on my left this morning at 10 o'clock with artillery and musketry, continued above an hour. He has quiet a complete parallel in front of redan. It extends from the road Graveyard about 150- yards to the right, and in on distant about 100 yards form the redan. This salient is very weak we are doing all we can to strengthen it, have urged the importance of it to the major-general. We are constructing rifle-pits in front of stockade between the redan and lunette on the left.

June 5. -During the night enemy kept up an incessant artillery fire and occasionally musketry. The enemy is pushing forward his approaches on the Graveyard road. Last night he constructed a rifle-pits to the left our of the road and within 75 yard of redan he had complete cover it. Sharpshooting from those new works is maintained.