War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0367 Chapter XXXVI. THE SIEGE OF Vicksburg, MISS.

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from the railroad, on the right, to Graveyard road, on the left, a distance of about 2 miles(Moore on the right, Hebert on the left). On this line there were twenty-seven pieces of artillery, most of which were field pieces. This number was afterward increased by three of four siege guns placed in rear of my right. Besides my own troops, colonel Waul

's Texas Legion, was also assigned to me and held in reserve behind Moore's brigade. Brigadier-General Lee's brigade, of Major-General Stevenson's DIVISION, was only immediate right, Brigadier-General Shoups' brigade, of Major-General Smith's DIVISION, on my immediate left.

On the 19th, the enemy made his first assault on my extreme left and extending about Smith's DIVISION. He was several times repulsed, and finally closely invested. My skirmishers were withdrawn, and skirmishing prohibited (by order), in order to husband ammunition. During the next day the enemy kept up his sharpshooting and artillery fire, but made no assault.

On May 22, he assaulted three points on my line as follows: Three times on my extreme left and extending to General Smith's front, twice on the Jackson road, and twice on Baldwin's Ferry road, at 11 a. m. and 5 p. m. . These assaults were made by larger bodies and apparently with greater determination then those of May 19. Colonel Waul's Legion had previously been sent to General Stevenson, but Green's brigade, of Bowen's DIVISION, was in reserve behind my right, and assisted in repelling the attack at that point. There were also on this day two Louisiana regiments, of Smith's DIVISION, in reserve behind my DIVISION. The enemy was repulsed in each of his attempts, through he succeeded in from getting a few men into our exterior ditches at each point of attack, from which they were, however, driven before night. Hand grenades were used at each point with good effect. A color-bearer and two stand of color were captured by the SECOND Texas Regiment, of Moore's brigade. On this day the casualties in my DIVISION were 42 killed and 95 wounded. The loss of the enemy must have reached 2,000.

From this time to the close of the siege the enemy kept up an incessant fire of sharpshooting and cannonading, in the mean time planting batteries and continuing his approaches, the main points being the work on the Baldwin's Ferry road, the one of the Jackson road, and a point midway between the Graveyard, and Jackson roads. Approaches were also made on my extreme left; but this pint, was properly speaking, under the supervision of Major-General Smith.

On a about June 2, my line was counteracted by closing in to the right, in consequence of its close investment, and the reduction of its numbers by casualties, my left now resting midway between the Graveyard and Jackson roads. The approaches at all the above mentioned points were brought to within easy hand-grenade distance, and mines were pushed forward under the works. The enemy made strenuous efforts to possess himself of the main work on the Jackson road, defended by the THIRD Louisiana Regiment, the occupation of which by him wold necessitate right and left, as it would give him an enfilade fire either way. Opposite this point he planted a number of heavy siege guns, with which he made a serous breach in the parapet of the redan. The fire of these guns was, however, in a great measure diverted by the fire of a 10-inch mortar, which we had planted close in the rear of our lines. We were only permitted to retain this mortar a few days, when it was again removed to the right and its place supplied by a 9-inch Dahlgren gun, which the enemy disabled the SECOND day after it opened fire.