War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0332 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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"Wishing Dick" (an 18-pounder rifled piece) put in position, and a new battery started in rear of General Moore's center, but the working party was driven off my the enemy's sharpshooters, and the work stopped.

On the 30th, but line work was done on the line under Captain Robinson's charge, excepting along General Lee's front, and during the whole siege our works, from Fort Garrott to the right, were but little injured, the enemy being kept at a considerable distance by a line of pickets kept in protected places along the ridge in front of our main line excepting on the Hall's Ferry road. Captain Winter and his assistants were kept constantly busy putting obstructions on the Yazoo Valley and other roads, repairing the embrasure of batteries, and thickening the parapets, which had begun to show the effects of the enemy's continual battering. The new batteries in rear of General Moore's center was commenced by running a covered approach to the position selected. On this day I also started a number of excavations on the Baldwin's Ferry road, in a deep cut, for the purpose of scattering our ammunition, which was much exposed to the enemy's fire at the depot magazine. These excavations were put under the charge of Mr. Ginder, with working force of 25 negroes from the jail-gang, and were finished in about week.

On the 31st, works of repair continued along the whole line; the new works continued, and a breach in the redan on the left of Jackson road filled up and parapet repaired with sand-bags.

From June 1 to the 4th there was no variation in the engineer operations. By the 4th, the enemy had succeeded in establishing a THIRD line of parallels not exceeding 150 yards from our salient works, and them commenced several double saps against the following works, viz then commenced several double saps against the following works, viz the stockade redan, of Graveyard road, the THIRD Louisiana redan, on left of Jackson road, and the lunette on right of Baldwin's Ferry road. I had some thundering barrels and loaded shells prepared to be placed in these and all other exposed works, to be used in case of an assault. The stockade redan and the stockade on its left beginning to suffer a in front of the stockade, and the ditch of the redan was prepared for riflemen, to give a double line at this point.

The enemy continued their saps against this and that of the THIRD Louisiana without much interruption until the night of the 8th, when their sap-roller was burned by firing pieces of port fire and cotton balls steeped in terpentine into if from muskets. Their sappers were thus exposed, and forced to retire and recommence their operations with another roller some distance back. In spite off all our attempt to stop them, the enemy steadily approached with these saps until the night of the 13th, when they had reached within 60 feet of the stockade redan their intention to attack these salient by mining. I accordingly report their progress. The latter work having no ditch, other arrangements had to be made. This war having no ditch, other arrangements this time, and the old parapets were nearly gone. A new one was accordingly made a few feet in rear of the first, and the main body of the work was still preserved entire, and our men protected from the enemy's fire

On the night of the 13th, a 10-inch mortar was placed in position in rear of General Moore's center, and a 20-pounder Parrot in rear of General Green's left.