War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0329 Chapter XXXVI. THE SIEGE OF Vicksburg, MISS.

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Cumming's Brigade. -Thirty-NINTH Georgia, lieutenant J. R. Redmond.

Lee's Brigade. -Twentieth Alabama, Colonel Isham W. Garrott; Forty-sixty Alabama, Lieuts. J. K. P. Cotton and J. T. House.

Reynolds' Brigade. -THIRD Tennessee, major J. C. Boyd, captain B. F. Gaddis, and Lieutenant J. H. Cody; Forty-THIRD Tennessee, Captain Sterling T. Turner, Lieutenant Wilson Clepper, and Asst. Surg. W. B. Johnson; THIRD Maryland Battery, Captain F. O. Claiborne.

Waul's Texas Legion. -Major Allen Cameron and Capts. Samuel Carter and

J. A. Leadbetter.

Hebert's Brigade. -Staff, Colonel Charles H. Herrick; THIRD Louisiana, captains J. E. Johnson and John Kinney and Lieutenant A. S. Randolph; Twenty-first Louisiana, captain J. Ryan and Lieutenant G. H. Mann; Twenty-SECOND Louisiana, Captain F. Gomez and Lieutenant R. E. Lehman; Thirsty-SIXTH Mississippi, major Alexander Yates and Captain J. S. Tatom (Captain T. J. Chrisman and Lieutenant A. T. Murrell died of wounds); Thirty-seventh Mississippi, Lieutenant J. F. H. Trussel; Thirty-eighth Mississippi, Captain L. M. Graves and Lieutenant J. Lanehart (Captain W. A. Selph died of wounds); Forty-THIRD Mississippi, Lieutenant M. D. L. Hodo; Seventh Mississippi Battalion, Captain S. C. Pearson and Lieutenant J. C. C. Welborn (Captain W. T. Baylis died of wounds); Appeal Battery, Captain W. N. Hogg and Lieutenant R. S. Walker; Emanuel's battery, Captain T. K. Emanuel; Pointe Coupee Artillery, Lieutenant O. D'Antigue.

Moore's Brigade. -Forty-SECOND Alabama, Lieutenant Capers W. Bodie; Thirty-FIFTH Mississippi, Capts. S. R. Coopwood and H. M. Walsh and Lieutenant G. Moody; Fortieth Mississippi, Major R. B. Campbell; SECOND Texas, Captain A. F. Gammell and Lieutenant Robert S. Henry (Lieutenant William F. Kirk died of wounds).

Baldwin's Brigade. -Thirty-first Louisiana, Colonel S. H. Griffin; Fourth Mississippi, Captain William H. Adaire.

Vaughn's Brigade. -(No report).

Shoup's Brigade. -Staff, Captains Louis Florence and J. F. Spencer; Twenty-SIXTH Louisiana, Major W. W. Martin, Captain Felix G. Winder, and Lieutenants M. Arnaux and Peter Feriner; Twenty-seventh Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel L. L. McLaurin and Lieutenant George Harris (Colonel L. D. Marks mortally wounded); Twenty-eighth [Twenty-NINTH] Louisiana, Captain F. Newman and Lieutenants B. F. Millett and J. G. Sims.

Cockrell's Brigade. -SECOND Missouri, Lieutenant Colonel P. S. Senteny; SIXTH Missouri, Colonel Eugene Erwin and Lieutenants John T. Crenshaw and John Roseberry.

Dockery's Brigade. -Brigadier General Martin E. Green.

Number 73. Report of Major Samuel H. Lockett, C. S. Engineers, chief Engineer. GAINESVILLE, ALA, July 26, 1863.

SIR: I herein have the honor to submit my report of the engineer operations during the siege of Vicksburg.

Our army fell back to the city on Sunday, major 17, and were put in the trenches in the following order, viz: Major-General Stevenson occupied the line included between the railroad and the Warrenton road, on the south, general Forney the line between the railroad and the Graveyard road, and General Smith the line from the Grayard road to the river front, on the north.

On the 18th, I made a careful examination of the entire line, and made the following dispositions of the engineer officers under my command, to facilitate the operations of strengthening and repairing the works. Captain Robinson Engineers, was assigned to the line commanded by Major-General Stevenson, and had under him, as assistants, the following officers, viz: Captain J. J. Conway, twentieth Mississippi, detailed assistant engineer; Actg. Lieutenant A. W. Gloster, assistant engineer; Act. Lieutenant R. R. Southard, assistant engineer/; Captain J


*The daily reports of Major Lockett, Captains Robinson and Wintter, Lieutenant Donnellan, and Messrs. Ginder and Vernon, being covered by this report, are omitted.