War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0327 Chapter XXXVI. THE SIEGE OF Vicksburg, MISS.

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Moore's Brigade.

Brigadier General John D. MOORE

37th Alabama, colonel J. F. Dowdell.

40th Alabama, colonel John H. Higley.

42nd Alabama, colonel John W. Portis.

1st Mississippi Light Artillery, colonel William T. Withers.

35th Mississippi, lieutenant Colonel C. R. Jordan.

40th Mississippi, colonel W. B. Colbert,

2nd Texas, colonel Ashbel Smith.

Alabama battery, cat. H. H. Sengstak.

Pointe Coupe (Louisiana) Artillery, company B, captain William A. Davidson.


Major General M. L. SMITH.

Baldwin's Brigade. Brigadier General W. E. BALDWIN.

17th Louisiana, colonel Robert Richardson.

31st Louisiana, lieutenant Colonel James W. Draughon.

4th Mississippi, captain Thomas P. Nelson.

46th Mississippi, colonel C. W. Sears.

46th Mississippi Colonel C. W. Sears.

Tennessee Battery, captain Thomas F. Tobin.

Shoup's Brigade.

Brigadier General FRANCIS A. SHOUP.

26th Louisiana, lieutenant Colonel William C. Crow.

27th Louisiana, lieutenant Colonel William T. HATCH,

28th [29th] Louisiana, colonel Allen Thomas.

McNally's battery, captain Joseph T. Hatch.

Mississippi State Troops.

Brigadier General John V. HARRIS.

5th Regiment, colonel H. C. Robinson.

3rd Battalion, lieutenant Colonel Thomas A. Burgin.


14th Mississippi Light Artillery Battery, major M. S. WARD.

Mississippi Partisan Rangers, captain J. S. Smyth.

Signal Corps, captain Max T. Davison.


Major General John S. BOWEN.

First Missouri Brigade.

Colonel FRANCIS M. Cockrell.

1st Missouri, colonel A. C. Riley.

2nd Missouri, major Thomas M. Carter.

3rd Missouri Major J, k, McDowell.

5th Missouri, colonel James McCown.

6th Missouri, major S. Cooper,

Guibor's Missouri battery, lieutenant Cornelius Heffernan.

Landin's Missouri battery Lieutenant John M. Langan.

Wade's Missouri battery, Liet. R. C. Walsh.

SECOND Brigade.

Colonel T. P. DOCKERY

15th Arkansas, captain Caleb Davis.

19th Arkansan, captain James K. Norwood.

20th Arkansas, colonel D. W. Jones,

21st Arkansas, captain A. TYLER,

1st Arkansas cavalry Battalion, captain John J. Clark.

12th Arkansan Battalion (sharpshooters), lieutenant John S. Bell.

1st Missouri Cavalry, major William C. Parker.

3rd Missouri Cavalry, captain Felix Lotspeich.

3rd Missouri Battery, Captain William E. Dawson.

Lowe's (Missouri) battery, Lieutenant Thomas B. Catron.


*Batteries A, c, d, e, g, and I. Battery L (Vaiden Artillery) reported in Higgins' command, and Batteries B, f, and K at Port Hudson, La.

+Under Vaughn's command.