War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0326 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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Number 71. Organization of the Confederate Army of Vicksburg, lieutenant General John C. Pemberton commanding, July 4, 1863. STEVENSON'S DIVISION.

Major General C. L. STEVENSON.

FIRST Brigade.

Brigadier General S. M. BARTON.

40th Georgia, lieutenant Colonel R. M. Young.

41st Georgia, colonel William E. Curtiss.

42nd Georgia Colonel R. J. Henderson.

43rd Georgia Captain M. M. Grantham.

52nd Georgian Major John Jay Moore. Hudson's (Mississippi) battery, lieutenant Milton H. Trantham.

Pointe Coupee(Louisiana) Artillery, company A(section), lieutenant John Yoist.

Pointe Coupee (Louisiana)Artillery, company C, captain Alexander Chust.

SECOND Brigade.

Brigadier General ALFRED Cumming.

34th Georgia, colonel James A. W. Johnson.

36th Georgia, major Charles E. Broyles,

39th Georgia, lieutenant Colonel J. F. B. Jackson.

56th Georgian, lieutenant Colonel J. T. Slaughter.

57 Georgia, colonel William Barkuloo.

Cherokee(Georgia) Artillery, captain M. Van Den Corput.

THIRD Brigade.

Brigadier General S. D. Lee.

20th Alabama, colonel Edmund W. Pettus.

23rd Alabama, colonel F. K. BECK,

30th Alabama, captain John C. Francis.

31st Alabama, lieutenant Colonel T. M. Arrivington.

46th Alabama, captain George E. Brewer.

Alabama Battery, captain J. F. Waddell.

Fourth Brigade.

Colonel A. W. REYNOLDS.

3rd Tennessee (Provisional Army), colonel N. J. Lillard.

39th Tennessee, colonel William M. Bradford.

43 Tennessee, colonel James W. Gillespie.

59th Tennessee, colonel William L. Eakin.

3rd Maryland Battery, captain John B. Rowans.

Wauls Texas Legion.

Colonel T. N. WAUL.

1st Battalion (infantry) Major Eugene S. B. Olling.

2nd Battalion(infantry), lieutenant Colonel James Wirgley.

Cavalry battalion, lieutenant Thomas J. Cleaved.

Artillery company, captain J. Q. Wall.


1st Tennessee Cavalry (Carter's regiment), company C, captain R. S. Vandyke.

Botetour (Virginia) Artillery, lieutenant James P. Wright.

Signal Corps, lieutenant C. H. Barrot.


Major General John H. FORNEY.

Hebert's Brigade.

Brigadier General Louis HEBERT.

3rd Louisiana, major David Pierson.

21st Louisiana, lieutenant Colonel J. T. Plattsmier,

36th Mississippi, colonel W. W. Witherspoon.

37th Mississippi, colonel O. S. Holand.

38th Mississippi, captain D. B. SEAL.

43rd Mississippi, colonel Richard Harrison

7th Mississippi Battalion, captain a. m. Dozier.

2nd Alabama Artillery Battalion Company C, lieutenant John R. Schlatter.

Appeal (Arkansas) Battery, lieutenant R. N. Cotten


*The commanders are given as indicated by the paroles.

+Paroled as the Thirty-first Regiment, and so known prior to June, 1863.

++Assignment uncertain.