War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0273 Chapter XXXVI. THE SIEGE OF Vicksburg, MISS.

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regiment by Colonel O. Malmborg (FIFTY-FIFTH Illinois Infantry), and responded to promptly by 12 men and myself. Being the ranking lieutenant, I assumed command of the different volunteer detachments from the brigade, and reported to Captain. Thirtieth Ohio Volunteers, in charge of the storming party. At 10 a. m. precisely we started, and proceeded rapidly, occupying but three minutes from the ravine to the bastion. Just as we entered the ditch, a captain and lieutenant from the Sixth Missouri were shot by sharpshooters on our flank, severely wounding both. I immediately assumed command, and, with the colors firmly planted in the parapet by a private of the Eight Missouri all I could then do was to prevent the rebels form carrying them in (which they tried), and wait for support, which we did not succeed in getting. Some men of Ewing's brigade came up, but not sufficient to warrant my thrashing them over the ramparts, to be either slaughtered or taken prisoners. We remained in this position, exposed to the rare form the flanks of the enemy, and a direct fire from the skirmishers of with their colonel, major and 2 lieutenants, succeeded in reaching us with their colors, which they planted alongside of ours. The bearing do, waving their colors in defiance of enemies and traitors, marching straight and unwavering to the fort through the most murderous fire I ever experienced. The rebels, in trying to dislodge us, commenced to ditch. We succeeded in throwing back three with our bayonets, which burst on the inside, causing the same effect they intended for us. One shell, however, exploded, killing Sergt. Richard Haney, company F, FIFTY-FIFTH Illinois Infantry, and wounding 4 privates severely. At about 7. 30 p. m. I received a verbal order from Major-General Blair to fall back which we did, but not till I had all my wounded safety removed.

Feeling the disappointment that all naturally felt in the DIVISION at our ill-success in carrying the enemy's works, I cannot but say that the assailing party was in no way attributable for its failure. All the men and officers behaved gallantly and well, save one, and would have cleared the ramparts had they seen one particle of support. Not being furnished with the names of the party I, cannot give the due meed of praise to those who distinguished themselves during our passage to the fort and during the time we remained there.

The lieutenant of the One hundred and twenty-seventh Illinois Infantry did not reach us till dark, remaining about 4 roads from the fort, on the road, protected by its high banks, without attempting the march to be fort.

I now inclose the list of casualties of but four regiments, the One hundred and twenty seventh Illinois Infantry being absent on detail, and not having time to visit the other regiments in the DIVISION.

Number who


Command Lieuten Men Killed Wounded Missing


55th Illinois 1 12 2 3 1


83rd Indiana --- 11 --- 5 ---


54th Ohio Infantry --- 8 1 1 ---

57th Ohio Infantry --- 9 2 1 ---

Total 1 40 5 10 1