War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0266 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. [Chap, XXXVI.

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General Blair to break up camp, and, with the days' rations and ammunition, marching Light, without tents or baggage, shake up the line of march for Grand Gulf,

On the 7th, at daybreak, with the FIFTY-fourth Ohio, up Eighty THIRD Indiana, and battery, we were on the road, the other three regiments having been detached to repair roads and bridges from Milliken's Bend to Richmond and beyond. These were picked up en route, and on the evening of the 7th, the whole brigade was closed in due other of march, with transportation.

On the evening of the 10th, we reached Hard Times Landing 63, miles.

On the 11th, we crossed to Grand Gulf. On the 12th, resumed march, via Willow Springs, rocky Springs, Cayuga and Auburn, and arrived at Raymond, 53 miles, on the 15th and in the evening, 1 mile from Raymond, on the road to Bolton, bivouacked in line of battle.

On the morning of the 16th, instant, having the advance of the DIVISION, and following the command of General A. J. Smith, I marched toward Edwards Station. Firing was heard in front as early as 8 o'clock. About noon I received orders to hold my command in readiness for and engagement. At 1 o'clock I found my left resting on the road, and shortly afterward, by order from General Blair, moved by the left flank or regiments, but without artillery, the broken and woody nature of the ground rendering the transit of the pieces impossible, I advanced three-quartermaster of a mile. Before I had changed from General Blair, I fell back to near my first position, where I placed Captain Barrett it battery, supporting him by my entire brigade. Here we remained some two hours, when, by order from General Blair to support General A. J. Smith, we moved forward by the left flank on the road, the battery following the FIFTY-fourth Ohio, till we reached a portion of General A. J. Smith. We moved forward by the left flank on the road, the battery following the FIFTY-fourth Ohio, till we reached a portion of General A. J. Smith's command, deployed, and under fire from a battery within 600 yards. Here I again formed, and reported to General A. J. Smith. Shortly afterward General Blair, in person, ordered me to connect my been maneuvering on my right and General Smith's. This was done by flank and forward movement, and accomplished by 10 'clock. The men rested upon their arms till daybreak, when we marched without opposition to Edwards Station, the enemy having precipitately retired under cover of the night, leaving the ground strewn with small arms and ammunition. I omitted to mention that we captured some 200-prisoners during the afternoon and night.

We crossed the Jackson railroad at Edwards Station at 9 a. m., and marched to Bridgeport, where we joined General Sherman, and crossed Black River over pontoons at twilight, and proceeded 2 miles upon the Vicksburg road and bivouacked.

On the morning of the 18th, the SECOND Brigade followed the First upon the road to Vicksburg, until, arriving at a point where the road forked, within 1. 1/2 miles of these headquarters, I was ordered by General Sherman to press forward upon the Graveyard road, and relieve the Thirteenth Regulars, who were deployed as skirmishers. About 4 o'clock, I formed in line of battle within 700 yards of and opposite to the enemy's works, then, however, veiled from my view by the thick woods, and deployed seven companies of skirmishers, the woods in front being filled with the enemy. Shortly afterward General Sherman advanced filled with the enemy. Shortly afterward General Sherman advanced in person. Within brief space of time General Steele's command was