War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0202 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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sickness, and, in consequence of near approach to enemy's works, it is not considered advisable to put in on again.

June 19. -Work progressing at usual. Captain Merrit in charge of working party of left sp, which is a side cut, covered by our guns in the rear, and running almost parallel with parapet of Fort Hill.

June 20. -Work on main trench progressing as usual. Placed new sap-roller on work to -day. In evening commenced work on Navy (9 inch) battery with a detail of 100 men, putting up heavy parapet, with embrasure reveted with gabions. The enemy have opened with a large mortar in hollow south of Fort Hill, with which they are shelling the Navy battery.

June 21. -Work on trenches progressing as usual. They enemy are using hand-grenades (6 and 12 pound shells)with effect. Being within a few feet of the ditch of Fort Hill, I made a call for all the miners in the command to report to me in person. General Ransom has completed his advanced work, and General Quinby has commenced building Battery Archer for Navy guns.

June 22. -We reached to the rebel fort today-at 10 o'clock with main trench, and cleared away a place to commence mining operations. Experienced considerable annoyance to day from rebel hand grenades thrown among the workmen.

June 23. -Thirty-five miners having-reported, divided them into three reliefs, of eight hours each; and placing them under charge of Lieutenant Russell, of the Seventh Missouri Infantry, went to work at 9 a. m. Had pushed the gallery (3 by 4) 12 feet under Fort Hill.

June 24. -Captain Merritt sick and confined to his tent. Driving the gallery as rapidly as possible. Have penetrated to a distance of 40 feet, and commenced on branch gallery to left. Can hear the rebels at work on counter minie very distinctly. Appear to be above and to the left of our gallery.

June 25. -Last night during my temporary absence the miners became fright at noise made in rebel counter-minie and quit work. Had them rush it ahead this a. m., and finished it before 9 o'clock. Deposited 1,500 pounds of powder in three different branch mines (500 in each), and 700 pounds in center; 2,200 pounds in all. Fuses so arranged as the explode them all at the same instant. Minie tamped with cross-timbers sand-bags,&c., and all ready to explode at 1 p. m. As per order, the mine was fired at 3. 30 p. m. Perfect success. Troops rushed in and took possession of crater, and detail of pioneers troops went to work under my direction clearing away entrance so same.

June 26. -Having orders to arrange crater for two guns, with proper protection for infantry support, commenced construction of covered gallery in center of crater, from which to lead mines or counter-mines, as the case might require. Finished it before dark, with a loss of 7 pioneer company wounded. The rebel's hand-grenades (6 or 12 pound shells) being, very destructive, the men were called back and placed behind rifle-pits, thrown up across center of crater, where they were perfectly protected against grenades thrown by the enemy, and still be able to hold the crater.

June 27. -Entire force at work on left trench. Sent the detail of miners over to advanced work of General Ransom. Work progressing lively of Battery Archer, and small work for howitzer in front of rebels mortar.

June 28. -It being impossible to continue work on crater until rebels are driven from outer face of said work, we have concluded to spring another mine under parapet to left of crater, for the purpose of uncov