War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0200 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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MAY 30. -In compliance with orders received from the major-general commanding, left at 3 p. m. for Big Black River, accompanied by 300 detailed men from General Ransom's command and pioneer company of THIRD DIVISION. Arrived at Bridgeport, on Big Black River, at 11 a. m. At 3 p. m. commenced moving westwardly along Bridgeport road, obstructing the road by felling trees across same. From Tiffin I sent the pioneer company southwest, on Bovina Station road, with orders to the bridges across Clear Creek, and small creek next WEST of Hebron road.

June 1. -Commencing at Clear Creek, obstructed the road westwardly to our rear picket line, and then moved on into Vicksburg, arriving at 3 p. m.

June 2. -Engaged on main trench. Detail reduced to 150 men. The THIRD DIVISION pioneer company engaged in making gabions, fascines&C.

June 3. -Detail on main trench reduced to 100 men. Trench finished up to and through advanced battery with side rifle-pits.,&c.

June 4. -Engaged on advanced battery, putting in embrasure, revetments,&c. This work is irregular in shape, of 3,000 square feet, two embrasure on north and one on WEST face, and open to and covered by batteries in the rear.

June 5. Advanced battery finished, and main trench carried about 20 feet southwest, with lead sap down to the road. Detail reduced to 75 men.

June 6. -Two 24-pounder howitzer and one 6-pounder placed in advanced battery, within 100 yards of Fort Hill. Carried the main trench down to and lead -sap across the road.

June 7. -Have a constant detail of 70 men, under immediate charge of General Leggett or staff officer. Work progressing finely.

June 8. -Captain [Adoniram J.]Merrit placed on duty as assistant immediately south of advanced battery.

June 9. -Carried lead-sap across the road last night. Am confined to my bed by sickness this morning.

June 10 to 13. -Sick and confined to bed.

June 14. -Visited the work this morning, I find the trench was not carried far enough across the road before making the turn, and was then run too far to the right. Corrected in by cutting away south side and putting up two traverses.

June 15. Work to progressing as usual. Captain Powell's (General Ransom's front) work being pushed forward. He commenced advance work on hill north of advanced battery.

June 16. -Detail at work on main trench and rifle-pits leading from last angle south along crest of hill. The advanced batteries of General Quinby were completed to-day. Began another trench running, south 32 degrees WEST, along front of curtain of Fort Hill, commencing at a destructing battery, the enemy having opened with two 20-pounder Parrots on Ransom's front. Work on trench and rifle-pits progressing as usual.

June 17. -Building platforms for 30-pounder Parrotts in advanced battery, the enemy having opened with two 20-pounder Parrotts on Ransom's front. Work on trench and rifle-pits progressing as usual.

June 18. -Sap-roller burned last night. The working party leaving it alongside cotton-bate, the rebels threw over fire balls, setting cotton on fire, which communicated to sap-roller before it could be removed. Detail increased to 150 men. The night detail was taken off during my