War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0198 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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April 20. -Constructing road. Additional regiment (Twentieth Ohio Infantry)detailed.

April 21. -Constructing road. Two additional regiments (Sixty-eight and Seventy-eight Ohio Infantry) detailed.

April 22 and 23. -Constructing road with four regiments.

April 24. -Road completed and corps moving: THIRD DIVISION encamped at Richmond. The orad-bed of above-mentioned road was thrown up 20 feet wide and 1 foot high, covered with rails taken from adjoining fences, upon which was then thrown 3 inches of earth: ditches upon each side 3 by 3. 1/2 feet.

April 25. -Returned from Richmond to select landing place for barges and camping ground for Sixth DIVISION, on Bushy Bayon.

April 26 to 30. -On march to Hard Times Landing.

MAY 1. -Crossed the river and disembarked at Bruinsburg; THIRD DIVISION engaged in battle at Port Gibson.

MAY 2. -Entered Port Gibson, and in afternoon crossed bayou Pierre on raft bridge, constructed under personal supervision of Lieutenant-Colonel Wilson, assisted by Lieutenant Colonel John A. Rawlins an myself.

MAY 3. -Command commenced moving at daylight. Encamped at sitting of their floats or barges, had been destroyed or very much damaged.

MAY 4. -Made a survey of road from Hankinson's Ferry to Rocky Springs. Platt and report submitted.

MAY 5. -Copying map, repairing bridge, and accompanied Major General McPHERSON on reconnaissance 4 miles beyond Big Black, on Warrenton road.

MAY 6. -Staking out small earthwork at Hankinson's Ferry.

MAY 7. -Accompanied advance (THIRD DIVISION) to select camping ground at or near Rocky Springs.

MAY 8. -Made survey, and examination of low Utica road from Rocky Springs to Meyer's plantation.

MAY 9. -Corps moved forward to Meyer's plantation to point 3. 1/2 miles beyond Utica. Command moved forward to point 4. 1/2 miles northeast of Utica.

MAY 10. -Made a survey of road from Meyer's plantation to point 3. 1/2 miles beyond Utica. Command moved forward to point 4. 1/2 miles northeast of Utica.

MAY 11. -Made survey of Raymond road to point 6. 1/2 miles southwest of Raymond and Edward's Depot road (4 miles), as also a thorough examination of all side and connecting roads. Command moved forward a short distance and encamped at Roach's plantation.

MAY 12. -Battle of Raymond. Skirmishing commenced about 10 p. m. Enemy repulsed and in full retreat at 3 p. m. encamped in and around Raymond.

MAY 13. -Accompanied cavalry advance on Clinton road. Confederate cavalry in force on Mississippi Springs road. Occupied Clinton without opposition.

MAY 14. -In accordance with orders received from the major-general commanding, left camp at 2 p. m. with Seventh Missouri Infantry, for the purpose of destroying railroad track. Moved along the railroad westwardly about 2 miles, tearing up the track, burning cattle-guards, bridges,&c. Returning, arrived in Clinton about 7 a. m. and the moved eastwardly along the railroad toward Jackson, tearing up the track, burning bridges, cattle-guards,&c. About 10 a. m., when about