War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0195 Chapter XXXVI. THE SIEGE OF Vicksburg, MISS

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June 21. -At night completed Battery Number 2, and made covered from it to valley in the rear, to permit communication during the day. A dusk the line in front of Batteries Nos. 6 and 7 was advanced, and took position for opening the THIRD parallel, to connect with Hall; s Ferry road on the left and SECOND parallel on the right. Work was commenced on the spurs of the ridges running down from Hall's Ferry road and enemy's salient. This line crossed the spur on which the enemy's nearest work was situated, at a distance of 85 yards form salient. At 11,30 p. m. enemy made a sortie upon this party. Colonel Moore, commanding working party and the guards, very gallantly met the charge and drove them back, when the work was resumed, after in interpretation of two hours, and continued until daylight. It was then sufficiently advanced to afford the men cover during the day. This party, including the guards, numbered 170 men. Two of the men sufficiently advanced to afford the men, cover during the day. This party, including the guards, numbered 170 men. Two of the men were wounded.

June 22. -At night 125 men at work on trenches right and left of Battery. Number 9, and commenced zigzag sap; Lieutenant -Colonel Cam, of the Fourteenth Illinois Infantry, in command of guards and working party in THIRD parallel, about 350 strong. He received instructions to move immediately at dusk to relieve the men in the trench, and commence enlarging the work already opened until further orders. At 11. 30 p. m. I visited the trench, found no guards in front, in accordance with instructions; the men in the trench; no work going on, and nothing done. Went forward with Lieutenant-Colonel Cam, to show him where already opened. In five minutes from the time I came upon the ground the enemy fired a volley and made a sortie, rushing down the ridge in not hold the line, but retired hastily and in disorder. Lieutenant-Colonel Cm and 5 men captured 1, killed, and several wounded. Enemy filled up all our work along that line. About half an hour after this sortie they made another down the Hall's Ferry road upon our advance guard, but were three times repulsed, when they retired inside their works.

June 23. -Pioneers making road to connect Hall's Ferry road with the valley road, on the right. No work done on the THIRD parallel.

June 24. -Excavated terre-plain for one gun in Battery Number 5 at advanced post on Hall's Ferry road, about 300 yards from flank of enemy's salient. During the night before the enemy had opened about 90 yards of trench as a counter-work, running down the ridge from salient to our THIRD parallel. The forty first Regiment Illinois Infantry was moved up and encamped in the valley, in rear of Battery Number 9, and the Seventy-sixth Illinois Infantry encamped in the head of the ravine on regiments were made during the afternoon to recover our position on the THIRD parallel and stop the enemy's work. Lieutenant-Colonel Lovell, of the Thirty-THIRD Wisconsin Infantry, was detailed as fieldments for recovering our position. The position was reopened and extended easily guarded. Besides opening the old trench, the working party opened 220 yards of new trench 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep. near Battery Number 9 the trenches were further enlarged, to give cover to the men supporting the guards of the working party in the sap.