War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0194 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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laid out. The enemy appeared in small force, and obtained cover within 100 yards, causing annoyance and delay. They were driven off about midnight, and the work continued rapidly.

June 1. - Continued surveys in front of the DIVISION. At nigh continued the work on Battery Number 7, and commenced Battery Number 6,200 yards to the left.

June 2. -Continued surveys of front and enemy's works. Captain Carl Kostmann, on THIRD Iowa Volunteer Infantry, reported as assistant engineer. At night Batteries Nos. 6 and 7 were finished.

June 3. -At night took possession of the crest of the first ridge in front of Batteries Nos. 6 and 7, commenced intrenching.

June 4. -At sundown an advance was made from the Hall's Ferry road, near the buildings, to the left and rear of Battery Number 3. The enemy were driven back, and the crest of the ridge gained on the left of Hall's Ferry road. The enemy retired across the valley after a sharp skirmish, in which some of our men were wounded. The advanced line was secured by intrenching in rifle-pits during this and the following night.

June 5. -Being much exposed, little work was done in trenches during the day. At night continued work in the trenches in front of Batteries Nos. 6 and 7, and threw up a battery for one field gun on the Hall's Ferry road, at a position which the enemy had occupied by a barricade of fence rails, noted on the map as Battery Number 3. Also commenced construction of two-gun battery in front of Battery Number 7, and noted on the map as Battery Number 8.

June 6. -Engaged in taking notes for triangulation, to determine the enemy's line of works. At night was prostrated with fever, and not on duty again until the 15th, captain Kostamann in the mean time attending to all the work.

June 8. -An advance was made at dusk on the right, the enemy's advance guard driven into their works, and the head of the valley at Battery. Number 9 secured. During the night rifle-pits were made between Battery. Number 8. And the head of the valley, and to the right of the valley was done crest of the ridges to secure the position, considerable work was done each night during a week, enlarging and connecting those pits near to Battery Number 8.

June 15. -At night commenced to enlarge the left section of Battery Number 7, to mount two siege guns in place of the field guns.

June 16. -Laid out the work for Battery Number 4, on Hall's Ferry road, and commenced construction.

June 17. -Selected positions for guns on the right, at the head of the ravine, and noted on the map as Battery Number 9. Work commenced at night. In this battery the terre-plain for each gun was cut down through solid earth to a depth of 7 feet, and not revetment used; the dirt thrown to the rear. The embrasure were cut through in a similar manner, and reveted only at the end next the muzzle of the guns with sand-bags. Battery Number 4, on the Halls' Ferry road, nearly completed.

June 18. -Continued triangulation of the enemy's front. At night continued the work on Battery Number 9.

June 19. -Same as 18th, continued.

June 20. -A night laid out work for Battery Number 2 for two guns, and pioneers commenced constructing it. When ready to commence this work the enemy attacked our picket guard at the advanced post on Hall's Ferry road. Being in the line of fire of the musketry work was suspended for two hours, until the firing cease, the men being obliged to lie down for safety. There was very lively artillery firing at the same time by the enemy along the whole front of this DIVISION, to which our guns responded freely. The enemy seemed to fear an attack.