War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0193 Chapter XXXVI. THE SIEGE OF Vicksburg, MISS.

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Number 9. Report of Captain Henry C. Freeman, additional aide-de-camp, u. S. Army, acting Engineer Officer Fourth DIVISION, SIXTEENTH Army Corps. HEADQUARTERS, Vicksburg, MISS. -, 1863.

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to report in relation to the siege of Vicksburg as follows: By order of Cap. Frederick E. Prime, dated MAY, 25, I was to report in person to Brigadier-General Lauman as early as convenient. I reported the next morning, and immediately commenced a reconnaissance of the ground in front of his position, and toward the enemy as far as his pickets would allow. The DIVISION, commanded by General Lauman, then occupied the ground north of Big Bayon, between Hall's Ferry road and the Vicksburg and Warrenton road, extending to the right of the Hall's Ferry road, but leaving a gap uncovered between them and General Hovey's command of about a mile, and extending on the left into the Mississippi bottom, to a swamp a short guns each were selected one on the river bluff, one on the Warrenton road, and one in the timber, about 150 yards to the right of the Warrenton road. All of these positions were about 600 yards from the enemy's line of works. The left battery, on the bluff, and the battery on the road were constructed during the night of May 27. The first had a bearing upon the southwest battery of the enemy, and enfiladed the road, and also bore on the salient to the right. The battery on the road covered the road, and also bore on the salient to the right. The battery in the timber on the right of the road bore on the same points as the one on the road, and was finished May 29. By order from department headquarters, on May 30, the DIVISION moved to the other side of Big Bayou, crossing the Hall's Ferry road and mostly on the easterly side. The picket guard line was joined with that of General Hovey's DIVISION. From this position the advance was made upon the enemy's lines, commencing upon the right and moving up the accompanying map. *By May 30, the pioneer corps of the DIVISION had opened a good road through the valley of Big Bayou from the Vicksburg and Warrenton road to General Hovey's left, following the route indicated on the mas as the Telegraph road; also, a road farther to the east, up another branch, making two direct lines of communication with General Hovey, and affording the Thirteenth Army Corps a direct road to Warrenton for drivinoad had also been opened to the left of the Telegraph road up another branch. During the night of the 30th, with the aid of the pioneer corps, a road anc covered way was opened from the head of this branch around guns on the right, in that battery, was excavated. The next day two field guns were placed in the battery. The pioneers continued working up the valleys to the left, as advances were made during the siege, always having a rod ahead, connecting with the valley roads in the rear, until a complete system of communication was opened in front and rear to the right and left. On May 31, at night the work for the left section of Battery Number 7, was


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