War of the Rebellion: Serial 037 Page 0168 Mississippi, WEST TENNESSEE, ETC. Chapter XXXVI.

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Lieutenant James M. Moore, 17th Infantry. Lieutenant Colonel John D. Rees, 31st Infantry. Captain Levi B. Casey, 31st Infantry. Lieutenant Colonel Melancthon Smith 45, infantry. Liet. Peter J. Williams, 76th Infantry. Lieutenant Henry Miars, 81st Infantry.


Captain William MD. Arrough, 23rd Infantry.


Captain Samuel De Goyler, 8th Battery.


Colonel Andrew J. Weber, 11th Infantry. Colonel Francis HASSENDEUBEL, 17th Infantry.


Lieutenant Charles Wilkins, 1st U. S. Infantry.

Number 5. Reports of Captain Frederick E. Princ and Cyrus B Comstock, . S. Corps of Engineers, chief Engineers Army of the Tennessee. * NEW YORK CITY, November 29, 1863.

The undersigned have the honor to submit the following report of engineer operations at the siege Vicksburg. On May 19th troops under the command of Major-General Grant invested the city of Vicksburg thoroughly on the northern and eastern sides and incompletely on the south, Sherman's corps occupying the right, McPHERSON's the center, and McClernand'S corps the left. Sherman's corps occupied the same position till near the close of the siege when a DIVISION was moved toward the Big Black River to form part of a covering force again Johnston. McArthur]s brigade, of McPHERSON's corps. Was at first posted on the extreme left, resting on the Mississippi, to cover our depots at, and communications with, Warrenton, but was replaced by Lauman's DIVISION,. Brought from Haynes' Bluff, and then took post as reserve to McPHERSON's corps, in rear of Logan's DIVISION, furnishing working parties to assist Ransom and occasionally Logan. Lauman was to have been relieved by Parker's corps, which started for Warrenton for that purpose, and Lauman to take position on the left of Hovey's DIVISION, of McClernad's corps Hovey's front being diminished as he had too much ground to cover, and Herron, on his arrival, to take post between the two. This arrangement was latered by Parker's corps going to Haynes' Bluff. Herron's DIVISION taking the extreme left on its arrival, and Lauman moving to Hovey's left. The front, covered by Herron's and Lauman's DIVISION, s could not be so well invested as under the previous arrangement, from the diminished number of troops. McClernand's


*Prime was chief engineer Army of the Tennessee from

July 18, 1862, to June 27, 1863, and was succeeded by Comstock.